Gone are my backpacking days; days of adventure pinging around from cheap, crappy hostel to cheaper, crappier hostel, wearing flip flops in the shower, sticky-taping mosquito nets to light fittings and learning to live in relative peace and harmony with cockroaches and flies. I could well have thrust that lifestyle upon a husband, but not a bay daughter!

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So instead, I decided to break her in gently and booked a mid-week stay this summer in a yurt, on an eco retreat in Snowdonia, North Wales.


At the Eco-Retreat, you will get to enjoy the best camping experience that Wales has to offer. Get to own your very own yurt whose interior effect will give you a homely feeling offered by the spacious atmosphere and comfortable bed.

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We are aware that humans are not islands, we depend on each other. This is the reason why Eco-Retreat has grouped a couple of yurts together giving you a neighbourly feeling. Come and enjoy the village experience filled with solitude and tranquillity.

The Eco-Retreat is the best place for those looking to escape from the daily pressures of life. You will experience peace of mind, get to relax and take a breath from reality. The natural surrounding including the streams, the tree shades and the fresh atmosphere is rejuvenating and energising.

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Enjoy the fire pits, where you will have a chance to chat through the night till dawn, sharing experiences and making new unforgettable moments which you’ll cherish in your lifetime. The glamping trip will leave you and your family looking forward to a new week.

The experience in the Eco-Retreat is just magical. From the moment you step into the beautiful scenery, you will have the unique touch of nature as you and your family tour the place, even braving to dive into the stream in the morning. It’s such a wonder to behold!

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From hiking, animal watching, to wine tasting; the adventure never stops at this luxurious camping site. Only here will you get the full yurt-style accommodations situated in such a breath-taking terrain.

The Eco-Retreat is perfect for young families, as well as couples who are looking to keep the fire burning or just experience something new. Take the advantage today, don’t waste any more of your precious time and money on tours that don’t bring satisfaction.

A green family holiday at Eco-Retreat is the best gift you could offer yourself and your family!