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Our blog is our baby. Our second baby, after Phoebe-Rae of course, but it is important to us.

Which means we want to make sure our content is top notch, interesting, original, informative and, as much as we can make it, entertaining.

We both love writing, but we would never claim to be the Holy Grail of eco-families, and so place immense value on the views and ideas of other bloggers, writers and families out there.

Which is why we are open to accepting guest posts on to our blog.

We have a few guidelines for contributing to our blog, simply because it is so precious to us. If you want to write for us, all we ask is that the articles you send for review are original, interesting and accurately-written. Basically ask yourself, would you want to read it?

My fave pic of Steve with Phoebe at first born, courtesy of my fantastically talented step-father!
My fave pic of Steve with Phoebe at first born, courtesy of my fantastically talented step-father!


Our articles are generally based on parenting, family, the home and any eco issues we find interesting or relevant,  but we are open to anything you think would add value to our blog and be a great read. If you do want to write for us, you could try something on one of the following topics:

  • Days out for families / children / couples
  • Activities at home with children
  • Education
  • Hobbies, arts and crafts
  • Relationships
  • Holidays
  • Health, fitness and nutrition
  • Household DIY tips

Why Write for Green Duo?

By writing for a blog with a large number of visitors and followers on social media, you will benefit by having your voice heard quickly and by a vast and varied audience.

At our last check, according to Google Analytics, we were receiving just over 130 visitors to our blog a day, and about 4000 a month. Believe me, we were shocked as well!

A victim of child cruelty last Xmas.
A victim of child cruelty last Xmas.


Furthermore, of these visitors, about 1700 are unique! Not sure how they’re finding us, but we’re certainly doing something right! :o)

Get in touch!

If you want to ask more about writing a guest post, or if you have any questions, ideas, comments, tips or feedback at all, please contact us below


All the best,

Becky, Steve and Phoebe-Rae


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