Design your own custom made, printed flooring!

Companies are already offering consumer’s new ways to decorate their homes including custom made wallpaper and one off paint colours, but what if you could design your own flooring too! The technology is already available to print designs onto vinyl flooring and it’s becoming more and more affordable every day.

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Wireless Systems for technology efficiency of your house and control temperature

In this post we will talk about the reasons why new technologies could help us in order to control the temperature of our house.

I know this is not right time to talk about that, spring is coming quickly. But I guess that It could give an idea about what we need to do, next year, when the necessity to get control our house temperature will come to us.

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Finding Top Energy-saving and Water-efficient Appliances for Your Home

Using electricity, gas and water around the house is partly about the way that we use them in our everyday lives. Our usage is affected by our habits, from how long we stay in the shower to whether we remember to turn the light off when we leave a room. But we can also change our energy and water use by changing the appliances and fixtures that we install around the house. From our light bulbs to fridges, showers and washing machines, we can do our best to look for more energy-efficient models. Plenty of manufacturers make products with this in mind, so we can find the best products to help us be greener. Use this guide to help you discover lights, kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures that will save you water and energy in your home.


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Around the House

One of the things we need to consider throughout the house is the light bulbs we use. Energy-efficient bulbs used to be a bit rubbish; they would take a long time to turn on and then give out a rather pathetic level of light. But now they are much improved, and bulbs such as LED spotlights light our homes adequately and save us energy. If you haven’t made the switch to LED yet, it’s one of the best things you can do for your home. You could save a lot of money on your electricity bill, as well as helping the environment.

The Kitchen

There are several appliances in your kitchen, both big and small, that you should try to purchase with a good energy-efficiency rating. On your dishwasher, look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo, which will also provide you with more information. It should have a rating, with A being the best. You can also find out how much water they use. Look for a dishwasher that will last you longer too. When it comes to ovens and hobs, their efficiency depends on the fuel they use. Electric hobs and ovens will have European energy rating, again with A being the best. Induction electric hobs are more efficient than other options. You can also look at Rayburns (AGAs), which run on alternative fuels, such as natural or propane gas, kerosene or diesel oil. They also double up as heaters.


In the washroom, you probably worry more about your water usage than energy consumption. An easy adjustment you can make in this room is replacing your shower head with a more water-efficient one. You can install water-saving taps too, or put in gadgets that restrict the flow. For the toilet, replace single-flushes with dual ones.

Utility Room

Looking for an efficient washing machine is similar to finding a dishwasher. Look out for the same Energy Saving Recommended label with an A rating, and check how much water it uses too. Find a machine that will last you a long time to help both you and the environment. And don’t forget to wash on lower temperatures to save energy.

Once you have all your water and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures in place, remember to use them responsibly. They might be better by design, but you can help even further by keeping up good habits.


Radical Ways to Achieve Greener Living


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You need to think about ways that you can be more eco-friendly in your life. It’s important to look after Mother Earth and to try to enhance your own life in the process. These days there are so many things you can do to try to promote a greener lifestyle. These are changes you will make to things around the house that will contribute towards a better environment. In the process, you’ll save yourself money and enjoy a better quality of life.

Here are some of the best ways you can make your daily life more eco-friendly. You need to think about using some or all of these techniques and see the difference they can make.

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most popular and efficient ways to a greener lifestyle. You can get solar panels installed on your roof. They’ll be expensive to begin with, but it’ll be worthwhile because it will save you a considerable sum of money. For those wondering just how expensive they are, it might be worth reading about how much do solar panels cost online. Solar panels look fantastic and certainly add something extra to your property. They store energy from the sun and use it to power your home. So any time the sun shines you’re collecting free energy to help power the things you use at home.

Wind Turbines

On a similar level to solar energy, you can also get greener by using more energy-efficient devices. One of these is a wind turbine. This serves a similar job to solar panels but is cheaper and takes up less space. You can either get a wind turbine as a free-standing pole or attach one to the roof of your home. Wind turbines harness the power of the wind to generate electricity for your home. If you live somewhere with limited sun but a lot of wind you might think about setting up wind turbines instead of solar panels.


Another way to be more eco-friendly in your life is with heating. Energy-efficiency is the key to this, and it saves you so much money on energy bills. Heating is a big expense, and there are ways you can heat your home better. Get rid of radiators for a start. They’re not too efficient, and they take up space. You need to think about putting in something like a wood burner. You also need to go with a biomass boiler. This is a boiler that runs on wood and other forms of biomass. You can use it for under floor heating, wood burners and water. Get in contact with biomass boiler installers in the UK to make sure you get yours fitted as soon as possible.


If you want to enjoy greener living you should make changes to your lighting. The first thing you want to do is try to make use of natural light where possible. This might mean changing the windows or trying a new colour scheme. You need to let as much natural light in as you can. After that, you can also try to use candlelight as much as possible to cut down on your energy bills. Then you might want to add to this by replacing all the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient bulbs.


Eco Home Products

The plight of the environment and rising concerns about climate change feature increasingly in the public conscience today. On first consideration, it may seem there is little any individual can do to affect change for the better. In truth, everyone can make a difference. By actively considering the eco-friendly credentials of products in and around the home, it is possible to effectively contribute to the future wellbeing of the environment, reducing air and water pollution and reversing the damage done by greenhouse gasses. Eco-friendly home choices often lead to improved health and a lower proportion of the household budget being spent on fuel. There are some simple ways to start living a greener lifestyle outlined below.



Bamboo is increasingly being used to fashion all sorts of products, from furniture and flooring to kitchen implements. Bamboo has far greater sustainability than most materials, either synthetic or natural. Wood from bamboo plants can be harvested every three to five years, and patches of bamboo produce 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees. Bamboo is also typically grown without the use of fertilisers or pesticides.


Using electricity produced from solar energy sources will help avert an energy crisis and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Contrary to what many believe – solar technology is effective even given the UK’s notoriously disastrous summers. All that is required to generate power is ordinary daylight, though much more power is produced on sunny days.

A good idea is a solar oven. These devices are for outside use and they use the sun’s direct energy to cook or heat up food and drink. Heat settings can be adjusted so food cooks quickly or so that the solar oven operates as a slow cooker. It is possible to purchase myriad shelves and attachments enabling roasting, stewing, grilling or frying of food. Using these in the UK will be confined to the summer months.


Home-grown food is bursting with freshness and health giving properties. For storage, Abeego wrap is a superb eco alternative to cling-film or Tupperware. Made from natural products known for their preservative properties, Abeego wrap allows food to be kept incredibly fresh. Made from hemp, jojoba oil, organic cotton and covered with a beeswax coating – Abeego is both fluid and air resistant. The wrap is reusable – easily washed with cool soapy water – and can be composted when it is no longer effective.


Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater in large butts, which can then be utilised for exterior or non-drinking purposes. With an approved water filtration system, harmful bacteria and chemicals can be removed making rainwater safe to drink.

Cleaning products

Chemical cleaning products can be extremely harmful both to human health and the environment. Natural products are the best way to ensure safety when using cleaning products. White vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda can be used to clean a multitude of substances or stains from surfaces and materials. If the convenience and extra power of commercial cleaners is essential – products made from natural plant based ingredients that carry no toxic or corrosive markings are the best to use.


When furnishing a home, reclaimed wood and bamboo are stunning natural materials with fantastic eco credentials. An eco range of contemporary furniture is available, giving a charming rustic-chic feel to any room. For those with a creative bent – upcycling seems a fad that is set to stay. Wooden pallets can be used to form bases for beds or sofas, and old crates or barrels make fantastic coffee tables. Sheets and clothing can be turned into furniture covers. With a little creativity – so many disused items can be turned to beautiful or practical new uses.

This article features a small sample of eco-friendly ideas for the home. Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility and taking action to do so can also improve health and be good for the family budget.

Developing a sustainable online business

Thanks to the global recession and an ethos that it is ecologically sound to want to save money and cut down on waste, green or sustainable businesses are the way to go for today’s entrepreneurs. Such businesses may offer many benefits besides being good for the planet, including flexible working hours and requiring very little capital to set up.

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