Forget apples, exercise really does keep doctors at bay. Our body requires exercise now more than ever due to the sedentary lifestyle that technological and industrial development has brought upon us. Everything we do is effortless. From sending messages to moving from one position to another, we often use minimal effort compared to our forefathers who used to walk many miles to send a message or reach their destination.


Us on a cold walk in Macclesfield
Us on a cold walk in Macclesfield

I am not advocating for us to go back to the yester years, but we do really need to engage our bodies in regular physical exercises. There is no better way of doing this than outside in the great outdoors. Wondering how you would do this?

1. Swimming – going for a swim is a nice way to exercise especially during the hot sunny afternoons. Swimming enables you to exercise your body’s main muscles leaving you feeling more refreshed.

2. Jogging – if you have a very busy schedule and don’t have enough time to exercise, then jogging might just be the best way to exercise. Take advantage of the morning hours when you wake up, and run a couple of miles. Jogging regularly improves your endurance, facilitates weight loss and even improves concentration levels.

Walking the dogs in Wales with my dad :o)
Walking the dogs in Wales with my dad :o)

3. Nature walk – are you wondering how you could spend your afternoons on Saturdays? Well, a nature walk might be just the thing that keeps you busy. Get to enjoy the nature that the UK has to offer. From the various tree species to the numerous species of birds and other wild animals, you will get to appreciate nature at the same time improving your health and fitness.


4. Cycling – if you are looking for faster speeds than jogging and running, then cycling is meant for you. Cycling regularly has proved to be beneficial, helping many lose weight naturally without their body appearing out of proportion.

5. Ball game – if you have your family or a couple of friends, you can choose to kill the afternoon with a nice ball game. Whether its football or volleyball, ballgames are fun and very engaging requiring team effort and support.

The great outdoors are meant for all of us. So don’t lock yourself up in the house or business premises. Take time off the indoors and get to experience the great benefits of the outdoors. Spending more time exercising will accrue great benefits which include:


  1. Improving your health – regular exercise promotes excretion of wastes and toxins from the body. This minimizes the risk of getting infections and diseases that often result from irregular excretions. In addition, it promotes your body’s immune system as the white blood cells are more active hence ready to fight off any infections.


  1. Improves your social life – it’s only when you get out more that you will meet new people of whom you share similar interests. If you enjoy bird-watching, for instance, chances are you will find another person who enjoys to do the same thing during your nature walks.


  • Brings your family together – spending time with your family exercising promotes a better relationship between the children and the parents and even the couples. It improves supportive roles which is an essential part of every relationship.


Free yourself today, get out more and experience the great outdoor while exercising.