Organic Gardening – Say NO to Tilling

No till gardening is an agricultural method for growing plants directly on the ground without disturbing the underlying soil through traditional tillage. This method is suitable for cropping most of the year around and is very effective in conventional cropping systems where the crop is sown just before the rainy season, planted in rows or […]

Install Solar Panels on Your Roof – How to Add Solar Panels to Your Home

When installing solar panels at home, homeowners usually get an estimate for the solar panel size they require to install and subsequently choose which kind of solar panel to purchase based largely on cost, effectiveness and lifespan. Installing solar energy at home is actually one of the hottest ways most homeowners are going green nowadays. […]

Creating Your Eco Home

When you begin designing or redesigning your Eco Home, you have a few decisions to make. Can you reduce your energy consumption? Will you use sources of renewable energy and other alternative power sources? How will you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your Eco Home? And, perhaps most importantly, will you live within the limits […]