3 top ways to make your warehouse eco-friendly

You’ve got a warehouse that, from the right viewpoint, appears to stretch out beyond the horizon. Row after row of shelves are piled to the rafters, while the gentle hum of the safety swing gate opening and closing, as well as your employees ambling through their day job, play a calming tune to your ears.

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Will a well-maintained boiler cut your energy household usage?

Most people are looking for ways to keep their household costs down, but few realise that ensuring regular maintenance of household appliances is one way to achieve this. A well-maintained boiler can cut the cost of your energy bill and help the planet at the same time. Luckily, a boiler replacement or repair is easy to find with many technicians similar to those from https://lakemichiganmechanical.com/boilers/boiler-repair/ available in your local area. Any problems can be resolved quickly and smoothly these days.

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Saving energy in the kitchen to save money

RedFrost Photoshoot at Glanhenwye
RedFrost Photoshoot at Glanhenwye

As the green energy campaigns continue to get stronger by the day, more people are becoming aware of the things that they need to do in order to be environmentally conscious. If you want a quick visual guide, Clydesdale Bank have a well-crafted infographic on saving energy at home. Continue reading “Saving energy in the kitchen to save money”

Farewell to my Sedan (or, Why Scrapping Your Car Could Help the Environment)

Well, isn’t this going to be a remarkably sad post!

Just recently certain events in my life made me think way back to days when I got married (and no, that isn’t the sad part). It was that time when I said that timeless phrase “Until death do us a part”.

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The Essential Green Home Checklist For People Moving This Summer

Do you plan to move house during the next couple of months? Would you like to ensure that your new property is as environmentally-friendly as possible? Then you need to start working soon to ensure you have covered all the basics. At the end of the day, the chances of your new property using green alternatives to traditional methods are pretty slim. So, you will want to make lots of changes before you finally move into the property. That could put your moving day back a couple of weeks, but it will be worth it in the end. We haven’t published a complete checklist, and so you will need to use some common sense too.

  • Did you get solar panels?

The first thing you will need to do is purchase solar panels for your new property. That is the best way to harness the sun’s energy and use the least amount of fossil fuel possible. There are lots of government-run schemes at the moment that allow you to get hold of them very cheaply. Just make sure you pay for a property survey first to ensure the roof is in good enough condition to handle the weight. If the surveyors find any issues, you might have to install them in the back garden. Either that or you will need to pay for renovations to the roof.

  • Did you install digital heat controls?


The best thing about digital heating monitors is that you can see how much you are using each and every day. You can also set the heating to come on and go off at specific times. Anyone who feels passionate about protecting the planet will make sure they are installed in the new property before they move. The devices don’t cost a lot of money to purchase, and you can get them online from many different websites. You can also get full digital controls for the entire property. They will let you know how much power each plug socket is using. Having that information at hand should make it easier for you to reduce consumption.

  • Did you swap to wooden doors?


We all know there are certain dangers when your home uses UPVC doors. Around 80% of properties currently have them, and that is something that needs to change. The process of making UPVC is harmful to the environment, and the materials are not sustainable. If you haven’t already, you should remove them from your property and replace them with traditional alternatives. You might end up paying a little more for wooden doors, but at least you can buy them from green companies. Just make sure you ask the supplier only to provide you with items that have been reclaimed or recycled.

If you manage to tick all those points off your list, you should be in the best position to move into a truly green home. There are lots of other changes you can make to the property in the future, but that should be enough to keep you satisfied on moving day. When all’s said and done, new environmentally-friendly ideas are popping up all the time. So, you just need to keep your finger on the pulse.


Nick Rice

How To Promote Green Living Effectively On the Web

You made the decision to go green. You and your whole family did. You’ve got more environmentally conscious cleaners. Organic food. You promote sustainable practices. You feel good about it! And so you decide to promote the things that you’ve learned and the products that you appreciate in a website.

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7 Ways to Naturally Ease Morning Sickness

In a society that has become increasingly dependent on medications and doctors to stay healthy, it is even more critical to find ways to fight illness naturally. Morning sickness, or all-day sickness, has become the plight of pregnant women everywhere. Finding ways to naturally ease this unpleasant side effect of growing a human can be cost-effective and beneficial to you and your unborn baby. So before resorting to a prescription from the doctor, try a few of these nausea-easing foods and actions.

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How To Make Your Bathroom More Eco Friendly: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you are a new eco-warrior or maybe you have wanted to make your bathroom more eco-friendly for a while, but just haven’t had the time. Either way, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are here and want to change your lifestyle and make part of your home – your bathroom, more eco-friendly.

Whether you want to help reduce your energy usage or save yourself some money, you have come to the right place.


Photo from Flickr

Updating your bathroom and transforming it into a more eco-friendly space doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be done for little to no cost at all, all you need to do is follow these tips:

Use your bathroom fan

Using your fan might sound like a drain on your household energy, but if you want to prevent mold growing in your bathroom, this is a must. Instead of just turning your fan on for a few minutes after your shower and then turning it off. Turn your fan on before you get in the shower and leave it running afterwards.

If the idea of using your fan more doesn’t appeal to you, due to the increased energy usage, you could open a window instead. It may not work as well, but leaving a window open for half an hour after your shower, should do the trick.

Turn down your hot water

Did you know that your water heater could be using as much as 20 percent of your home’s energy? That’s a crazy amount.

Most water heater manufacturers preset water heaters to heat water to around 140 degrees, which is way too hot. To save energy, reset your water heater to 10 degrees lower – 130 degrees, and you can save five percent on your annual energy costs.

If you water heater is old, then it might be a good idea to consider replacing it with a newer, more eco-friendly model. By swapping your old water heater for an eco-friendly alternative, you could reduce your energy usage, and save money on bills.

Install water saving taps

Believe it or not, many baths, showers, and sinks have taps on them that waste a lot of water. Each year in the US, thousands of gallons of water is wasted because most homes don’t have water saving taps installed.

The next time you want to replace your bathroom taps, have a look online, on tapwarehouse.com, for water saving taps. Or, if your taps are fairly new, you can buy devices that fit onto your taps instead.

Install a flush with two setting.

Instead of having just one flush setting, install a flush that has a setting for number ones and number twos. That way when the toilet is used for number ones, a smaller amount of water can be used to flush them away. Instead of wasting water.

It’s surprising how easily you can make your home more eco-friendly, all it takes is a few small changes.