How Green Are You?


1 Which natural resource is not used to make glass bottles?

Dirt Soda ash Sand Limestone  

2 How many years does an aluminium can take to decompose?

20-40 60-80 80-100 100-120 120-140 

3 Recycling a tonne of paper saves how many trees?

17 25 29 32 

4 Recycling 2 glass bottles saves enough energy to boil water for how many cups of tea?

5 Which country produces the most greenhouse gases?

China The US The UK Russia  India 

6 The World Health Organization believes climate change is responsible for how many human deaths each year?

1,500 10,500 150,000 1,500,00 3,000,000 

7 Which arctic animal do scientists believe is most at risk from extinction due to global warming?

Polar bear Arctic fox Reindeer Narwhal Ermine 

8 The blue whale's tongue is about the same size as which other animal?

Hyena Lion Pig African elephant Giant panda 

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