Ethical recycling in your home

It’s amazing to think that only a couple of decades ago we threw away our refuse without a second thought of the environmental consequences. But thanks to the pioneering work of many environmentally-aware agencies, governments around the world have finally been implementing some recycling schemes to help us get rid of our waste in a way that won’t poison the planet.

However, like any new activity, there are a number of measures that can still be undertaken to ensure that your recycling efforts are maximised in their efficiency. So here are a few top recycling tips for your home.

Flatten your waste



Whilst the addition of recycling containers from paper, glass and cans have undoubtedly helped waste efforts in the UK, many of us are still not flattening our waste properly. This has the negative effect of limiting the amount of recycling that can be transported and carried out.

So be sure to check with your waste service provider and find out the best methods for helping your waste processors do their job easily and efficiently.

Check waste methods


Similarly, a huge effort has gone into providing services that help us get rid of our extra waste in an environmentally friendly way. There are many waste sites and skips in the UK that will cover a variety of products ranging from electrical appliances to garden waste and even hazardous waste products.

And many retailers will also make the extra effort in helping you remove any unwanted products from your home too. For example, Bedstar provide a mattress recycling service that will dispose of your unwanted bed, leaving you with a stress-free solution for getting a little more space and a luxury new bed in your home.

Use sustainable packaging


Another thing to consider is to make a decision when purchasing products to only buy goods that feature packaging that is either biodegradable or easily-recycled.

It’s a real shame that many popular crisp manufacturers still use foil and plastic bags that cannot be recycled at all, so try and find a more environmentally-friendly alternative. And similarly, our dependency on small plastic bottles of water has also contributed massively to the ever-expanding range of plastic pollution that’s littering the globe.

And whilst we may consider online shopping a quick and easy alternative to buying from the high-street, we must consider the carbon footprint that is left by delivery trucks. So like main things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to making an environmental effort in your home.