When the Moving Is Done It’s Time for the Fun: 15 Ways to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

When moving day is done, you’ll probably be thinking of ways to make the most of all those leftover boxes. This handy list of suggestions will resolve your predicament once and for all.


Image by Cesar Rincon via Flickr

If you’ve ever had to move house, or have helped a friend to move, it is very likely that you will know how using moving boxes that are purpose-made for a big job can be used to your advantage. It may be hard to see them in their full light when they are being packed and transported, by professional moving companies like https://www.atlantahomemovers.com/, to your new house, but trust me, the benefits are there.

Depending on the type you use, these boxes are designed to be durable, protect their precious contents, and easily carry weight without being damaged. They can also be the perfect size when it comes to stacking and loading them onto the removal truck.

Of the many companies that sell moving boxes there are few that clearly outshine the competition. For more information about our boxes for moving, visit this website to purchase rugged boxes tough enough to be utilised again and again, long after the move is over.


Because moving boxes have a very long life one obvious question springs to mind; what can one do with the empty boxes after the move is over? You might be pleasantly surprised to know just how many creative ways there are to repurpose your moving boxes.



The following list will give you some excellent and creative ideas on how to recycle used boxes.

  1. Build a gigantic playhouse or even an entire mini city for the kids.
  1. Cut the boxes up into manageable pieces and use them for school projects. Dioramas, mounting boards or model buildings generally spring to mind as a great new use.
  1. Create a For Sale ad on Craig’s List or eBay. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who are keen to cut down their moving expenses any way they can. You’ll likely have eager buyers ready to pick them up immediately.
  1. The tough cardboard of moving boxes can be cut up to make great stencils for decorating your new home or to spray paint street art and graffiti.
  1. Check with the company that sold you the boxes to see if they have a repurchasing program or sell them to another company that does.
  1. Donate your old boxes to a worthy charity to help someone out who can’t afford to buy the boxes new.
  1. Moving boxes can be used to make awesome Halloween costumes. Examples include iPods, cereal boxes, shields, and armour or even Rubik’s Cubes.
  1. Sturdy boxes can make excellent additional storage space in the garage or around the home. Boxes can be placed on their sides and stacked against a wall allowing easy access for filling or emptying.
  1. Split the boxes at their seams and lay them down on the floor or table to protect household surfaces when the kids paint, use glue, or want to get creative with any messy art materials.
  1. Create backdrops and props for home movies, plays, or a puppet show.
  1. Build a gargantuan multi-storied cat fort with varying climbing levels and cut holes for your playful cats to pop out from.
  1. Open a box at the seams and lay it flat on the ground to draw a great car mat or network of train tracks that the kids clamber over and can play with.
  1. Use your boxes as a makeshift pin board to stick posters and photographs to. You can cut them up into interesting shapes and sizes and even paint them different background colours.
  1. A long length of cardboard makes a handy ground sheet for working beneath the car to protect your clothes from dirt and oil.
  1. Cut a doorway into side of a box and fill it with old blankets to make a cosy pet bed for a furry friend.
  1. Create a photography light box by converting strategically cut holes into opaque windows and lining the interior with white background material.


As you can see, finding alternative uses for empty moving boxes really only takes imagination and the ability to think outside the square. Those empty boxes no longer need to take up precious space gathering dust in the corner of the garage or attic. With a creative eye you can easily give your used boxes a brand new lease on life and likely have a bunch of fun in the process.