6 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Company

Commercial building space takes up vast swathes of the capital and has done so for many years, yet many smaller businesses and SME’s are also appearing across the entire in country in places where environmentally friendly rules are taken extremely seriously.

Energy consumption is hefty within most commercial environments, with a combination of buildings and employees demanding high levels of energy to run their day-to-day lives in the office. Energy experts have said that one of the most beneficial ways of cutting energy consumption would be to look at how we use our commercial buildings. These energy expenditures could be from plumbing, electrics and HVAC systems such as Sitton Mechanical: AC installation in Stillwater or in whichever location the business is. But there are ways in which these can be reduced when talking to a contractor about these options. Anyway, here are a few tips that the experts recommend should be adopted in order to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted.

Shutting Down PC’s

This is something many businesses are guilty of as employees cite easy access to their previous day work as the main reason for leaving PC’s on overnight. While not being used, computers should be placed into sleep mode at the very minimum, while turning them of entirely is highly recommended. A system could be installed on your network that ensures all desktops are switched into sleep mode overnight when not being used. Timers could also be introduced to shut down computers around 20 minutes after the end of a shift.


Use Natural Light

Effective but often ignored, natural light has its numerous benefits for any commercial environment. You can use rooftop devices to capture that energy and transform it into what is needed to power your entire business, or you can distribute it to power the lighting throughout the building. This cuts the need for overhead lighting which on average uses up as much as 15% of your company’s energy.

…and Lighting Alternatives

Light, light, light; It really does play a huge part in saving you energy, especially when you consider that it’s probably the simplest of all steps to take. Incandescent bulbs are the issue and can easily be swapped out for something a little more efficient, such as compact fluorescent bulbs or LED’s. Accompany your new lighting method with some lighter walls and both your employees and your clients will have no problem navigating their way across the corridor!


The latest thermostats are programmable and capable of adjusting themselves to suit the temperature of the room they are in and even other rooms throughout the building. This is extremely beneficial as it provides you with warm and cooler conditions exactly when you need them and ONLY then, saving plenty of energy.


Check Heating, Air Conditioning etc.

If you notice that you’re still using up quite a lot of energy despite your latest introductions, consider your central heating system or air- conditioning as these may be the problem. So, be sure to get in touch with somewhere like Total System Services for commercial AC Boise at your earliest convenience to check for any potential problems that could be affecting its efficiency. Going over a new installation with eco-friendly designs may unearth some hidden problems with either of the two installations that are resulting in costly energy bills, from leaky valves to cleaning filters. If you haven’t already got an air conditioning unit installed, it might be worth speaking to a company such as A Quality HVAC Services, you can go to the site here.

Introduce a New Office Culture

If your office space looks a little old-fashioned or is overcrowded with all kinds of energy-demanding objects and items, from mini fridges to Christmas lights, try and introduce a new culture into the office that restricts these types of items. Shared microwaves, printers, fax-machines, coffee makers, they all contribute to the same issue. Ensure all employees are aware that these items should be switched off and appliances should be shut down. Make it fun by rewarding those who contribute the most to energy efficiency plans.

Article provided by www.bse3d.com; a building & function design agency with offices in London, Ireland & Sussex focussed on providing energy efficient design solutions.