Finding Top Energy-saving and Water-efficient Appliances for Your Home

Using electricity, gas and water around the house is partly about the way that we use them in our everyday lives. Our usage is affected by our habits, from how long we stay in the shower to whether we remember to turn the light off when we leave a room. But we can also change our energy and water use by changing the appliances and fixtures that we install around the house. From our light bulbs to fridges, showers and washing machines, we can do our best to look for more energy-efficient models. Plenty of manufacturers make products with this in mind, so we can find the best products to help us be greener. Use this guide to help you discover lights, kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures that will save you water and energy in your home.


Marco Papale

Around the House

One of the things we need to consider throughout the house is the light bulbs we use. Energy-efficient bulbs used to be a bit rubbish; they would take a long time to turn on and then give out a rather pathetic level of light. But now they are much improved, and bulbs such as LED spotlights light our homes adequately and save us energy. If you haven’t made the switch to LED yet, it’s one of the best things you can do for your home. You could save a lot of money on your electricity bill, as well as helping the environment.

The Kitchen

There are several appliances in your kitchen, both big and small, that you should try to purchase with a good energy-efficiency rating. On your dishwasher, look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo, which will also provide you with more information. It should have a rating, with A being the best. You can also find out how much water they use. Look for a dishwasher that will last you longer too. When it comes to ovens and hobs, their efficiency depends on the fuel they use. Electric hobs and ovens will have European energy rating, again with A being the best. Induction electric hobs are more efficient than other options. You can also look at Rayburns (AGAs), which run on alternative fuels, such as natural or propane gas, kerosene or diesel oil. They also double up as heaters.


In the washroom, you probably worry more about your water usage than energy consumption. An easy adjustment you can make in this room is replacing your shower head with a more water-efficient one. You can install water-saving taps too, or put in gadgets that restrict the flow. For the toilet, replace single-flushes with dual ones.

Utility Room

Looking for an efficient washing machine is similar to finding a dishwasher. Look out for the same Energy Saving Recommended label with an A rating, and check how much water it uses too. Find a machine that will last you a long time to help both you and the environment. And don’t forget to wash on lower temperatures to save energy.

Once you have all your water and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures in place, remember to use them responsibly. They might be better by design, but you can help even further by keeping up good habits.