Having a Green Valentine’s Day

Having a Green Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of photostock and freedigitalphotos.net

The Valentine’s Day card market was worth 42.5m in 2012, and its value continues to increase in spite of social networking and texting. Although it ranks below Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day, the Valentine’s market is still big business, and its card and gift market still causes lasting damage to the environment- particularly when you consider that 262m is spent on flowers alone! So, this year, ditch tradition and do something green for Valentine’s Day. Here are our suggestions:

The Romantic Stroll

The Romantic Stroll
Image courtesy of marin and freedigitalphotos.net

Instead of splurging on cliché chocolates or flowers, why not spend a little bit of time together away from the home and celebrate your relationship away from the overly packed restaurants and pubs?

Going on a romantic countryside walk together is the perfect way to celebrate your relationship away from the prying eyes of others where you can talk, be yourselves and reminisce about the past year. If you still want to buy a gift too, you can buy your significant other some walking gear form e-outdoor for the walk.

Taking a Weekend Away

If a walk isn’t enough and you want something even more special, then why not take a green weekend away?

We’ve already blogged about how great Snowdonia is as a green weekend, which can act as the perfect inspiration for your trip. A great, green, romantic weekend is the perfect way to solidify your love and show your significant other just how much you care without taking part in consumerism.

There are usually great deals available at this time of year-Valentine’s day. You could be well placed to grab yourself a bargain deal. For example, you can purchase aroma-filled perfumes from True Pheromones (or any similar portal), which could be your go-to perfume for every date night.

The Gift of Homemade

Finally, if you’re not a great lover of walks and lack the money for an extended break, then indulge in the gift of the homemade.

Homemade gifts are always that little bit more personal, no matter whether it is baking a cake, making something from woodwork or even just cooking dinner. Sometimes, a homemade dinner, a bottle of wine and a film is enough of a gift to say “I love you”.

Another way of going green could be some valentines day gifts that could be used for daily purposes. For instance, you could look for custom-face Pajama sets or window curtains. These gifts would also remind your loved ones of you every time they look at them or wear them, so a win-win!

So, there we have it, three green alternatives you can take this Valentine’s Day. It may just be one step towards saving the environment, but it’s a significant step to helping battle the negative impacts of consumerist Britain, especially if you get your friends involved, too.