Four Reasons Why Fruit and Veg Bags Should Be Made from Paper

Anyone selling fruit and veg needs to provide their customers with some sort of packaging. Some still use single-use plastic bags to do the job, but it’s actually much better to use paper, and here are just four reasons why.

  1. More Breathable

When bags are going to be used for carrying around fruit and veg, you need to make sure whatever is inside will be able to breathe. Plastic bags are no good since they trap moisture and don’t allow any air to get in – this can lead to mushy or stale fruit and veg, especially when customers keep their produce in the bag after they get home. Paper bags don’t present the same issue.

  1. More Rigid

Some types of fruit and veg are remarkably resilient, but most produce can be damaged relatively easily. Paper bags help prevent that from happening by staying rigid when you carry them around. In contrast, plastic bags will bunch up and force items against each other. That can lead to anything from light bruising to mushed produce.

  1. More Brandable

Whatever it is you’re selling, it pays to brand your packaging. People tend to associate branded bags with high quality products, so better bags can lure people in and keep them coming back. Even better, branded bags provide free advertising. As people walk around, they’ll be advertising your business to every person who looks their way. Once they get home, they’ll be reminded of your business every time they look at the bag.

  1. More Natural

Fruits and vegetables are natural products, so people like them to come in more natural packaging. Everyone now knows how bad single-use plastic bags are for the environment, so using them isn’t likely to nurture an Earth-friendly impression with any shoppers. Paper bags feel far more natural, so they’re a better fit with what you’re selling.