Eco-Living: Help Protect the Planet in your Own Home

Have you ever felt like you want to live your life in a more eco-conscious way, but aren’t exactly sure where to start? Well what you’ll be pleased to hear is there are easy ways you can adapt your lifestyle at home to help protect our planet.

So, from your gardens to your decor and energy consumption, read on to find out some eco-living methods you can try. When you do, you’ll soon see it’s easy being green.

Energy Use

Reducing your energy consumption can not only minimise your carbon footprint but can also see you making great savings on your bills and add value to your home. There’s a number of ways you can go about this too:

  • Install Solar Panels – specialist retailers like Mark Group can fit panels to your roof which convert the sun’s rays into electrical energy to power or heat water in your home. This is a clean, renewable and green energy source and any extra you create you can sell back to the government.
  • Wooden-framed Double Glazing – double glazing keeps your home warmer by trapping heat much more effectively, wood frames are particularly good at doing this.


  • Draught-proof Doors – similar to your windows, sturdy and heavy doors can cut out drafts and keep the heat in. Plus they’re far more safe and secure.
  • Insulation – lining your attic space and walls with insulation is another fantastic way to trap heat in your home. This is also advantageous to have if you’re selling your home.
  • Being Proactive – this is a simple and free means of cutting energy costs. Just make sure that you do the basics like turning off your lights and turn off your appliances at the wall when you’ve finished using them.

Green Gardening

You only need a small garden to grow your own herbs and vegetables and even if you don’t, you can invest in trays to fill with soil so you can. Treat your garden like your own private piece of nature and take the time to fill it with colourful plant life and greenery. Also be sure to leave some room for you to create your own compost heap.


Recycling and Reusing Creatively

Along with the more common recycling methods such as the sorting and separating of different domestic waste, why not try something more creative?

You can upcycle your old wine bottles to make modern and creative vases or vessels. This way, you are not only reusing, but are also contributing toward the betterment of the planet we live on. Certainly, understanding upcycling is extremely important for each one of us, to be more responsible citizens.

Not just wine bottles, you should try to upcycle or recycle any material you have in your home. For instance, when it comes to clothes and accessories, shop at vintage stores and invest in some second-hand fashions from yesteryear. Finally, if any of your furniture gets damaged, work to repair them rather than buying new ones, you might find your handiwork gives such pieces a bespoke and innovative new look.

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