Best Electricians in Sydney

Running a household in Sydney is a dream come true for many people, yet, being a homeowner is definitely not an easy task. Just from the standpoint of your home’s electrical grid, there are so many things that could go wrong and, as a person in charge, you need to be able to deal with it.

Sure, some basic tasks you can do on your own, even some repairs on the electrical grid can be efficiently done by a layman, however, taking this risk might not be worth it. For instance, a circuit overload, a light that’s too dim and a surprisingly high electricity bill, might all be symptoms of a larger problem, one that needs to be resolved by a professional electrician. Here are some tips on how to find the best one in the Sydney area.

1. Look for reputation

The first thing you need to do is look at what kind of reputation a company has online. Nonetheless, this is not as simple as you might have assumed. For instance, while you may find some testimonials on their website, keep in mind that these are hand-picked due to the fact that they speak positively about the company, even praise it. Therefore, you need to head out to community forums and websites like Quora and Reddit, in order to find the real truth. Sure, marketers visit these platforms, as well, yet, not in the same number. By going through several threads, you stand a much better shot at discovering the real truth.

2. Special discounts

Some companies offer special discounts for seniors or people with disabilities, which might be worth taking into consideration even if you aren’t eligible for any of them. This is due to the fact that the mere existence of such a discount may testify about their relationship toward their clients and the value they place in their regulars. In some cases, you might even be eligible for special discounts on subsequent bookings, which is always a huge plus.

3. The availability

Probably the most important factor when looking for an electrician is the issue of 24/7-hour availability. In a case of an emergency, you need to A) locate the main panel, B) shut down the power inside of your home and C) contact your emergency Sydney electrician. Their ability to be there in just several minutes, even in the middle of the night, can make a massive difference in both your own safety and that of your property. For this reason alone, it might even be a good idea to look for electricians in your own suburb or part of town, instead of just randomly examining electricians on the list.

4. Financial estimate

Let’s be realistic, if you were to hire a babysitter, you wouldn’t just look at the price. In fact, this would be a situation in which a low price signifies low reliability. Well, when it comes to finding a reliable electrician, things might not be much different. Different companies have different pricing systems, yet proper insurance and certificates cost money, which means that you shouldn’t always go with the lowest figure you find in the yellow pages. Moreover, nothing prevents you from contacting the electrician in question and asking for a price estimate. This is a standard procedure that can help you with the projection of your future budget.

5. Guarantees and warranties

The reason why this issue is so important when choosing an electrician is due to the fact that it doesn’t affect only the safety of your property. A fire started by a botched work or a failure to fix an issue may result in casualties, not just in structural damage. A company that’s willing to offer a lengthy warranty is sure in their work and might deserve your trust.

6. Check their online presence

About 50 percent of small businesses still don’t have a website in this day and age. Nonetheless, in a First World country like Australia and a metropolis like Sydney, it’s inexcusable for a reputable electrician not to have an online presence. In America, it’s incredibly common for professionals to have websites such as so other professionals must follow in their footsteps if they want to build a good client base. Aside from this, they need to be active on industry-related forums as well as be represented on social networks. In a way, this isn’t necessarily testifying of their skill in the field but of their availability and ability to innovate and evolve with time.


Keep in mind that, as a homeowner, you can’t risk having to google for an electrician at the moment of an emergency. This is a person/agency you need to have on a speed dial, so that you can contact them in the middle of the night, at a moment’s notice. Therefore, start doing your research on time.