4 of the Most Valuable Items in a Junk Car

Tell people they could get plenty of money scrapping their car and they’ll usually laugh and shake their head. That might be because people generally think of a junk car as nothing more than a lump of metal – they forget about all the expensive parts that make up each vehicle, even an older one.

If you don’t think there’s money enough in your old car to get a good price from scrapping, just take a look at four of the most valuable parts it holds.

  1. Exhaust System

If someone needs to replace their exhaust system, they’ll often spend over 500 and possibly more like 1000. Part of the reason why it’s so expensive? All those metal contents and a very important function. As you can imagine, plenty are willing to buy an exhaust system from a car about to be scrapped if that system has remained in good condition.

  1. Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter will be fitted in any car manufactured after the year 1975. Essentially, it converts the toxic and harmful gases and pollutants in your exhaust gas into less-toxic pollutants. These are small parts that can last a very long time and they cost a pretty penny since they contain precious metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. You could sell these precious metals if you don’t have any use for them and make a lot of money. You may check on AU Precious Metal Solutions or other similar sites on how to make these precious metals, especially rhodium for sale profitable.

  1. Cooling System

Having a car without an air conditioner can be hell, but they can be quite expensive to replace. Again, this works to your advantage. When your car is scrapped, the cooling system will often be removed and sold on, which is just one reason why authorized scrappers can give you a surprisingly large amount of money.

  1. Airbags

You might not think airbags can be taken from one car and put in another, but you’d be wrong. Airbags can easily be taken out and refitted to ensure people avoid the high cost of new airbag insulation. Of course, this only works if the airbags have never been deployed. There is an airbag module reset service from companies like https://www.safetyrestore.com/airbag-module-reset-service/8-airbag-module-reset.html that can be used when installed in a new car to make sure that they are functioning correctly if this is a concern.