How Paper Bags Could be part of the Solution to the War on Plastic Packaging

Recent times have witnessed the rise in popularity of paper bags to assist in the continued war on plastic products. From plastic bags to plastic straws there has been a huge decline in the popularity of plastic products. However whilst the zero-waste lifestyle is beneficial it is currently only available to those with significant disposable income.

Many are attempting to take this sentiment a step further and live a completely waste-free lifestyle; for many, this has been easier than you might expect. When you develop a conscious effort to avoid products that you have to throw away you become more aware of the damage that plastics do to the environment. For these people, reusable paper bags have become a key weapon in the arsenal to use in the war on plastic.

Paper Products in Food Shopping

When you conduct your weekly shop it can be easy to overlook the sheer amount of plastic used in the products that you consume, which is why it’s so much better for the environment to shop at a zero waste shop. Most large supermarkets will pose challenges to those trying to either reduce or remove plastic from their lives.

The reason for this is the ‘freshness’ that plastic can impart on perishable goods. This fact may indicate a change is needed in the way we store and consume food if we are to also reduce the use of plastics. The ecological impacts of our obsession with wrapping our food in plastic are plain to see.

A possible solution posed has been the rise of ‘plastic-free’ food suppliers. These smaller food retailers often offer customers the chance to shop by weight and opt for the paper bags over their plastic counterparts. However, these stores are often more expensive than a traditional supermarket. This makes the option of a plastic-free lifestyle often only available to those who have a high disposable income in the first place.

Living the Zero Waste Lifestyle with Paper Bags

As stated the zero-waste lifestyle is often only available to those with access to the considerable financial means to live it. Change in the demand at a lower level will be necessary to facilitate any meaningful change. One tip is to use paper bags as a replacement for typical bin bags; helping to reduce waste.

Making paper products more accessible will help to reduce the amount of plastic currently present in our oceans. Additionally, if businesses make the switch from plastic by adopting paper bags, for example, this could help increase the demand for a waste-free lifestyle. The wide variety of bag options available means businesses can pick and choose the option that suits them best.

Using Paper Bags in your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

For many, the switch to a zero-waste lifestyle is one step towards a more eco-friendly future. More reusable and recyclable products like paper bags and other eco-friendly bags are then likely to grow in popularity. If you decide to make the switch be sure to stock up on quality eco-friendly bags from the Paper Bag Co to reduce your ecological footprint today.