4 Amazingly Fun Camping Trips in the North West

To really build on your Green credentials, camping is the holiday of choice for many people. Not only does it get you out in the open air, you can take in some beautiful scenery, get some exercise, visit some attractions, and promote an environmentally friendly activity. There are no long haul flights involved here, simply trips to some of the most entertaining locations in the UK.


The following areas are ideal for any family, couple, or lone traveller – they’ll show you some sights around the UK and tick some more achievements off your bucket list! All of them are relatively cheap as well, so if you’re on a tight budget several of these are particularly useful. Also, for tips on environmentally friendly camping, check out this 5 Point Guide.

  1. Stanley Villa Farm Camping, Blackpool/Preston

This awesome little farm camping area offers 24 camping pods which are pet friendly and feature lots of modern amenities. It costs around £47 a pod for a night, but these charming little creations mean you don’t need to bring your tent and you’ll find ready-made beds in this rural environment.

Better yet, the location is equidistant between vibrant Blackpool and the city of Preston, so you can choose your day trips as you please. However, with Blackpool Pleasure Beach just up the road, you’ve got one of the ultimate days out for couples within a few miles walk.

The pods are essentially “glamping” (the more glamorous side to camping), but they are environmentally friendly and all visitors are encouraged to leave to rubbish at the site, which is why it remains clean and idyllic!

  1. Willocks Farm Caravan Site, Rivington (Lancashire)

Rivington remains a little known stretch of rolling countryside in Lancashire, with Bolton, Chorley, and Manchester just up the road. This caravan and camping farm is set in amongst the amazing scenery and is one of the most secluded places I can think of to visit. You’re also right in the heart of Rivington, so all you need to do is stroll out of the gates and set off on a massive walk!

For places to visit, there’s Winter Hill (with Rivington Pike Tower at the top, which has an extensive history), which is the central attraction. It’s a great big hill with a spectacular path leading to the top, which can be viewed as an amazing cycling route if you prefer this over walking.

You can visit this Rivington Pike site to learn more about the area and what you can get up to – it’s certainly the ideal spot for rambling across sweeping countryside.

  1. GreenWood Forest Park, Wales

This environmentally friendly theme park has plenty to offer everyone. There are many local camping points nearby, so just take your pick! Then a quick walk and you’ll be in – what do you have to look forward to?

The park boasts that it’s a chance for people to build, discover, explore, and learn. There’s certainly a mass of activities you can take part in, although the park is more for families than couples, with children friendly rides such as a small rollercoaster.

One of the new attractions is the Solar Splash, which has a massive water slide at 60 metres in length and plenty of opportunity to shriek like crazy on your way down – it’s also the first solar powered ride in the UK.

There are others, too, such as the Green Dragon Roller Coaster (which is powered by people and features a loop!), Moonkarts, and a 70 metre sledge run. It’s all great fun, as Green as they come, and should signal a new era of environmentally friendly family attractions.

  1. Bewilderwood, Norfolk

Another environmentally friendly theme park, this one is award-winning and is another family friendly favourite. Again, it’s possible to camp nearby, with options including camping sites, caravanning areas, and glamping opportunities. For camping, the resort recommends Amber’s Bell Tent, Clippesby Hall, and Deepdale Backpackers.

The theme park itself offers all manner of fun activities and attractions. It’s essentially an imaginative adventure park featuring treehouses and other intriguing characters and models, such as a giant crocodile hiding in a waterway. It’s a chance for kids to be enthralled, whilst adults will find the whole atmosphere relaxing.

This Guardian guide to the park will help you see what’s in store, so embrace your silly side and enjoy what this magical experience has to offer.