10 Little Changes to Make Your Life that Bit Greener

There are so many tiny changes you can introduce in your life, to help the environment. Some of them are so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing them years ago. Remember – the more people making tiny changes, the bigger the overall difference!

10 changes to make right now

  • Stop buying new clothes. The fashion industry is a real drain on the earth’s resources. This is especially the case with ‘fast fashion’ – cheap clothes that are purchased, then thrown away soon after. Get in the habit of patching up existing clothes, or visiting the charity shop to find ‘new’ ones. There are also online auction sites, which reduce the environmental impact somewhat.
  • Swap your fruit and veg provider. The supermarkets are pretty horrific when it comes to plastic packaging. Aim to only buy unpackaged fruit and veg, or better still, order a box from your local greengrocer – they don’t often use packaging!
  • Use natural cleaners. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own natural, chemical free cleaner from products like baking soda, lemon or vinegar. Alternatively, go for an eco-cleaner when you next go shopping – the results are just as good.
  • Ditch plastic bottles. Carry a reusable bottle with you, wherever you go. Whenever you pass a water fountain or tap, get in the habit of filling it up. Alternatively, most restaurants and cafes are always happy to assist, especially if you’ve just spent money with them!
  • Make products last longer. Mix your bubble bath with a bit of water to make it last twice as long. When spraying on your favourite designer perfume (like the ones on Copycat Fragrances), rub some Vaseline on your wrists first – it makes the scent last longer. Don’t leave scented candles burning for longer than you need to – blow them out when the room is full of the smell. There are loads of ways you can make things last longer – those are just a few suggestions.
  • Unplug all electrical items. Get in the habit of unplugging laptops, computers, televisions and other electrical items when you’re not using them. This ensures that they’re not left on standby, which still uses electricity.
  • Embrace paper. Paper bags are much better than plastic. Use paper bags to wrap your children’s lunch in, and when you’re going out on a picnic. They’re also fine for picking up dog and cat mess (lovely!) and as favour bags for kid’s parties and weddings.
  • Turn down your heating. Even turning the heating down by 1 degree makes a big difference to the environment. Pop on a woolly cardigan instead!
  • Car-share. Find out how many people at work drive along the same route as you, then arrange a car-share system. Alternatively, invest in a bicycle and cycle to work – it’s a great way to stay fit. Even getting the bus or train is a better alternative than sitting in the car on your own.
  • Fix leaks. Leaky taps are a horrendous waste of water, which not only adds to your water bill, but is a drain on the earth’s natural resources. Therefore, it is better to get these faulty fixtures fixed with the help of skilled technicians (who are available at Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating Co and similar firms) as soon as possible.