Will a well-maintained boiler cut your energy household usage?

Most people are looking for ways to keep their household costs down, but few realise that ensuring regular maintenance of household appliances is one way to achieve this. A well-maintained boiler can cut the cost of your energy bill and help the planet at the same time. Luckily, a boiler replacement or repair is easy to find with many technicians similar to those from https://lakemichiganmechanical.com/boilers/boiler-repair/ available in your local area. Any problems can be resolved quickly and smoothly these days.

How does it cut energy usage?


A household boiler can account for as much as 55% of your annual energy bill, so you will be making a substantial saving, perhaps as much as 30%, if you ensure it is working properly with the right fuel (similar to the ones provided by Romeo’s Fuel and other providers). A modern boiler is naturally more efficient than an old one, as technology means that most boilers are now condensing, utilizing a larger heat exchanger that reduces heat loss. For saving your energy cost, you might feel a need to buy a new boiler or upgrade the existing one. It might be important to take advice or recommendations from firms like Albert Culver Company that are specialized in boilers and furnaces. You could find several types of boilers as per your requirements.

There are different types of modern boilers that are categorized as A-rated as opposed to older, less efficient types that are known as G-rated. A-rated boilers come with a full set of heating controls that allow you to customize your heating options, which could save you upwards of 340 per annum and produce not more than 1.5kg of carbon dioxide each year. There is another advantage to having a modern boiler installed in your home – modern boilers are more compact and therefore, take up less space.

So how can you tell if your boiler has reached the end of its useful life and needs replacing? Fortunately, there are a few signs that you can take as warnings before your old boiler stops working completely. Does the pilot light ignite all the time or only intermittently? If so, there may be a problem with the thermocouple, the part that links the gas supply to the pilot light.

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Has the boiler failed to produce heat or hot water? If so, then the boiler may have broken parts, such as diaphragms, valves or airlocks. If you hear bangs, gurgling or whistles from your boiler, it may mean that the water pressure is too low, or even that the pump has failed. Perhaps the key indicator that your boiler is in need of replacing is if the thermostat begins to be inaccurate or turns the heating on or off when it is not supposed to.

Boiler maintenance is not, or at least, should never be, a DIY project. If your boiler exhibits problems of this nature then you need to call out a boiler expert, such as Wirral Gas Engineers. A qualified Gas Safe Engineer, such as Wirral provide, will be able to diagnose the problem, whether it is simply a need to replace a spare part, or perhaps to advise that it is best for you to replace the boiler altogether.

Regular servicing of your boiler may seem like an unnecessary expense, but failure to do so may result in a false economy. Consider too the savings that can be made and the reduction of your personal carbon footprint a new boiler will deliver, and you will realise that it is the best option. After all, there are not many things in life that are good for your pocket and good for the environment too.