Shipping Container Living and Workspaces: Here’s Why You Should Try It

We all love our homes no matter how humble they may be. The idea of a home is somewhere to just be as comfortable as you can, a haven that reflects your personality, your taste, and your character. The same can go for an office, and both can tell just as much about you as the way you dress. Now imagine the impression you would make if you invited someone to your ultra-chic modified container home or office.


Shipping container architecture has been booming as architects, homeowners, and office workers alike reinvent the style of these highly modifiable units. The result? Head-turning, comfortable, affordable, and environment friendly architecture that can be customised to suit anyone’s style. They do not have to be just used for accommodation as there are many other uses for a modified shipping container.


Affordability is by far the biggest incentive if you’re considering a shipping container home or office. Used shipping containers are widely available, and they’re super simple to turn into a home or office for very little cost compared to a brick-and-mortar building.

Easy to Build and Use

While a modification unit might just look like a steel box, they are extremely easy to modify into a comfortable home or office. For instance, you can use good quality door gaskets (if interested in gaskets, you can try here) as sealing materials. Similarly, you can hire a welder who can join containers if you want to make a multi-storey living area. With the right ideas, you can come up with a host of designs for your new space. Best of all, you can add more shipping containers to make as big a house or office as you wish. Adding doors, windows, and even staircases is simple too.

Quick to Set Up

This is another big plus of shipping containers. On average, a container takes a few short months to be ready for you to move into. Changes and container conversions can be made off-site, so when the container is delivered to your site it could be ready to use after a few adjustments and final tweaks. Imagine seeing your full-fledged home rolling down the street on the back of a truck!

Room For Imagination

A modification container allows your imagination to run free. You can construct exactly the dream home or office you’ve always wanted. You just need the shipping container design and a company to put your ideas to work.

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Something a bit extraordinary made out of something so ordinary!

Easily Available

Here’s another great thing about shipping containers — you can get them where you need them. There are companies all over that offer new or second-hand shipping containers and who can deliver your container right to where you want it. You just need to make sure your chosen site has space for the delivery truck to conveniently offload the container.

Environment Friendly

Besides being cost effective and easy to put your personal stamp on, using a modified container from Port Container Services for establishing your living or working space, you’ll be doing something good for the environment. You can find both used and brand new containers easily that can be used as your new home or office, without worrying about the impact of new materials on the environment.

If you choose to use a shipping container for your home or office, you are actually promoting environmental conservation. How? Well, you recycle the steel being used. Also, you reduce the energy and raw materials in making new homes.

Your Very Own Style

But despite all the above mentioned facts, the best benefit of using a shipping container for your home or office space is that you can freely design it so that it suits your needs and wants. In fact, the very essence of shipping container architecture is to put a personal statement in your living/office space in a cheap, easy way.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages of using modified shipping containers for homes or offices.