If you’re a perspective parent, the best advice I can give you is to not invest too much money into baby clothes for your newborn. When your baby’s born you’ll be given enough clothes to clothe half of Africa (not a bad place to send them once they’ve been outgrown, FYI!), so it’s not worth buying too many. But still, little kids grow before you can blink your eyes twice, so you’ll usually have no option but to keep getting bigger clothes for them. Then again, you can always turn those outgrown baby onesies into a cute baby clothes quilt that your little one can use as a warm blanket for a few years at least.

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Our little snowball!

Anyway, once the initial excitement and overwhelming involvement of your nearest and dearest dies down, and the gifts stop flowing in quite so quickly (and this WILL happen), when buying clothes for your baby or toddler, it’s well worth considering organic baby clothes, and I’ll explain why…

Love them or hate them, babies will always have a special place in our lives. Even if you are yet to become a parent, a baby is a gift that you ought to cherish. There has been a sharp increase in the number of baby clothes especially those being shipped from oversees. The availability of clothes locally has given us, especially we mums, numerous varieties to choose from.

My husband was perplexed the other day when we went out to buy baby clothes for Phoebe. He was surprised to see the variety on offer – endless colours, styles and textures. He even confessed that he wished we would just go to the good old days when we were growing up as the variety then was limited.

No expecting parents should ever buy clothes - you get given a mountain when your kid's born!
No expecting parents should ever buy clothes – you get given a mountain when your kid’s born!

When you enter a baby shop looking for your baby’s or toddler’s clothing, what do you look for? Do you prefer a piece that has a particular texture and colour, or do you just pick those pieces that are your baby’s size?

The former is definitely the way to go. This might sound cliché, but all of us want the best for our kids, even if it means forfeiting some of our own needs so that they don’t lack anything. This spirit should be replicated when it comes to buying clothes for your baby.

Always opt for organic clothes, preferably clothes made out of organic cotton. Take time when you are shopping around to check which baby shop offers these types of clothes in large volumes. This will enable you to have an easier time when it comes to browsing through the sizes and different colours on offer.

Here is the good news, the cotton acreage is growing worldwide, and this is as a result of the witty designers who are embracing organic cotton, making more appealing clothes that increase the demand and awareness of natural textiles. In the near future, every baby shop and fashion shops will have all-natural textile clothes just for you.

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Synthetic clothes are currently, cheaply available compared to the organic clothes. As a result, most parents opt for the synthetic type than the more expensive organic clothes. The synthetic types pose several risks to your child’s health, including:
• Skin rushes
• Itchy allergic reactions

The main reason for these effects is the poor porous fibres that synthetic clothes have compared to the organic ones. As a result, heat accumulates which results into the skin rushes. Some of the synthetic material can cause allergies which might pose a threat to the life of your child.

Your baby or toddler’s health should come first. Therefore, ensure that the outfits you get for him or her are organic and safe. It will be a worthwhile investment which you will live to be grateful for.