OK, so traditionally going green is supposed to be about saving the environment – tree-huggers, veggies and wannabe-hippies born a couple of generations too late uniting to protect our planet and bring peace to mankind.

But even if we don’t fall into the above categories, or even into the I Kind of Like Our Planet and Will Try My Best to ‘Go Green’ Where I Can category, most of like to save money. In fact, I’d go so far as to brazenly state NO-ONE likes to waste money.

So, here’s an article on how “going green” in your home can actually have unknown financial benefits…

The Importance of Saving Money

With the recent economic upheaval, there has been a sudden interest on how one can save money. Whether that is cutting down on luxuries or looking over here
for special offers that could save pennies when shopping. Though even when we are relaxing or chilling out at home, we are spending more money than we know. So how can we save money at home?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it might sound, there are a few steps that you can use to cut costs and the answer lies on going green. This might seem outrageous, even crazy, but going green is the way to go!

Start Cooking

Steve trying his best in the kitchen. Check out the look of concentration!

Takeouts, ordering pizza or Chinese has become an escape strategy for most of us. We rarely or occasionally use the kitchen for its main purpose which is actually cooking food. It takes initiative to bring the good old habit back, simply start with your favorite dish and the rest will come falling into place.

Some might excuse themselves by claiming that they have busy time schedules hence they do not have time to make their meals. Well, that’s just a lame excuse to avoid getting your hands dirty.

We spend a lot of cash daily on food, which translates into hundreds of dollars annually. Making your own meals will not only save you money, but will also make you more cautious of what you eat. You will be more concerned about the nature of the food you are taking.

Phoebe likes eating out. She has expensive taste already.
Phoebe likes eating out. She has expensive taste already.

Fast foods have a major downside, which is high levels of fat and cholesterol which is harmful to your health. When you starting cooking, you will prefer more organic food which will save you money and add a few more year in your life.

Re-evaluate your Home Energy Costs

This simply requires you to assess every energy consuming equipment and appliances in your home. This will enable you to know which equipment and appliances are faulty and require repair or maintenance. It might be your kitchen appliance such as your toaster, refrigerator or microwave; or other equipment in your house. Check if those appliances are working fine, if not there might a problem with the electric outlet point. In that case, you can hire an electrician malvern or the ones like them in your area who could check and identify the reason for the power fluctuation.

Be gone, expensive fridge!
Be gone, expensive fridge!

In addition, it is essential to get rid of any equipment that you don’t use. Some of the equipment and appliance we have at our homes are dormant and are rarely used. These equipment and appliances could be traded off at your local thrift shop for quick cash and save you lots more as energy costs would be lowered drastically.

Re-Use your Old Electronics

Never spend money on something that you already have. From smartphones, home appliances or electronics; always avoid spending money on these items when you already have one that serves all your needs.

Steve getting iPhone chufties
Steve getting iPhone chufties

I would blame impulsive buying on aggressive advertisements that have taken over all forms of media from television networks, print media, and even social media. The guys behind the campaigns always make you feel that you really need the gadget that they are selling, but in a real sense, you don’t.

It is wise to only replace your home appliance when it is faulty beyond repair, or when its energy costs are very high compared to the appliances on offer. Usually, appliances like air conditioners and furnaces can be repaired with the help of professionals with expertise in HVAC or Furnace maintenance in Woodbridge, and elsewhere. So, before a professional gives up on these appliances, we shouldn’t.

Become a Farmer!

Yes, this sounds archaic but it does work. If you have a home garden of which you haven’t done much, it is now time to take out your farm tools and start planting. Gardening helps you to save lots on grocery expenditure.

You not only get to save, but you can also earn some money. Tomatoes, salad greens, potatoes and other lucrative crops can be grown in your garden.

Going green is an initiative, take the step today and get to save money. Remember, going green doesn’t mean you will suddenly have millions, but it will save you a lot in terms of costs, which is a firm step to achieving the millions.