Farewell to my Sedan (or, Why Scrapping Your Car Could Help the Environment)

Well, isn’t this going to be a remarkably sad post!

Just recently certain events in my life made me think way back to days when I got married (and no, that isn’t the sad part). It was that time when I said that timeless phrase “Until death do us a part”.

But I said those words more than once in that month alone (and no, I’m not a bigamist!).

I said them first to my wife…and then to the other Love of My Life, my car. As marriage always brings changes, my passion for sport cars suffered somewhat, and instead of the sporty two-seater I usually drove, after our honey moon, I got me a Honda Civic. Oh the sacrifice!



Surprisingly, this pretty sedan served me reliably over the years, and since it was so affordable, I couldn’t help but find myself losing my heart to yet another car.

But no love lasts forever. Several recent visits to the service shop and Mr. Mechanic said scrapping your car is the best you can do for it. Cold, harsh, cruel words!

Green Scrapping is the Best!

After I did a little research into my options, I realized how much the car recycling world advanced since the departure of my sports car. Financially, it has moved from being an extra expense to the car owner actually getting paid to do it! What a surprise it was when I called one of the environmentally aware car scrapers and asked about his conditions.


Among other details it was explained that scrapping your car now days is controlled by the Environment Agency, and only Authorized Treatment Facilities have a license to do it. This ensures that scrapped vehicles do not harm the environment, and all that battery acid, gear box oil and engine parts are recycled appropriately. Great news like this actually made scrapping my car a lot less painful.

Years ago, scrapping your car wasn’t considered a good move for the environment; when cars aren’t scrapped according to the approved standard they spill out hazardous waste. Today though there are strict laws and guidelines in place to make sure all vehicles are scrapped responsibly.

Scrapping and Recycling Helps Stop Waste Ending up in our Landfills.

Knowing that my old reliable “buddy” Honda Sedan is going to be taken apart by good people who care about our land and love to save the nature as much as I do made me feel good again. Most parts from my scrapped car will actually be recycled and reused. It’s nice to know parts of him will live on…

As a family man and environmentally aware person, the old notion of leaving my car in the back of my yard was never an option for me. I’m happy I did it right. While scrapping my car was not an easy decision to make, I owe thanks to the environmentally-friendly company that picked it up for recycling, and I’ll always remember how I waved good bye to my old friend that served me so well.