Exploring the Beautiful Gardens of North Wales

Any visit to North Wales is perhaps guided by some plans to explore many of the region’s activities on offer, which can include some serious fun for the whole family as well as some cultural experiences and even extreme sports, but one element which is inherent in any visit to this majestically beautiful part of the world is indeed the natural beauty of the surroundings. However, while Mother Nature has put on a bit of show in terms of the natural beauty contained in this little corner of the world, she isn’t the only beauty-slinger in town.

Man holds his own with regards to accentuating and frankly showing off the beauty of this region with some of the most beautifully breath-taking gardens you’ll find anywhere awaiting the eager traveller who takes the time to visit some of these plantations in the region.

Part of any vacation should indeed entail a bit of relaxation, or a whole lot of relaxation for that matter, and what better way to centre yourself and get as close to the beauty of nature as one possibly can than to explore North Wales’ botanic artistry?

You can almost tell that the trees, in particular, were planted on the back some or other special reason, with many of these trees in actual fact planted as a mark of some romances of the misty days of yore. North Wales is famous for a lot of things, not least of which are its gardens, from some of those which can be found on listed estates to those which feature in the National Ivy Collection.

Plas Newydd, Isle of Anglesey

This 18th-century house already boasts some of the best views of Snowdonia, but the sheer beauty of the Menai Strait’s luscious gardens will most definitely be competing hard for your attention. Massed hydrangeas perhaps make for the most prominent feature, but there is plenty more beauty to enjoy in the form of the summer terrace, the catkin garden (another highlight) and the spring garden section.

Bodnant Garden

You might have to wander a bit from your holiday cottage to uncover the magic that awaits the inquisitive mind making somewhat of a pilgrimage to Bodnant, with something not unlike what Alice experienced in the mythical kids’ favourite, Alice in Wonderland. Five beautiful terraces form part of the path leading up to the Hall, with the brick-paths adding to the charm, while the herbaceous plants and formal lawns may have you convinced you’ve discovered what is the deepest shade of each colour you identify.

Ivy Collection (Grade I Listed)

What would a botanic-inspired visit to North Wales be without a stopover at one of Britain’s most important gardens, in the form of Erddig, where you’ll find the National Ivy Collection? Additionally, some super rare fruit trees can be found within the grounds and if you’re searching for a good story to come away with, discover why the late 18th-century design by William Earnes earned a place among the Grade I listed gardens.

If you’re exploring any of these fantastic North Wales gardens, it’s worthwhile exploring the rest of Wales has to offer. Here’s a great guide to all to see and do while you’re in the country: