4 Improvements Around the House Which Could Help the Environment


Image from Flickr

Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive nightmare. Very few people are opposed to cleaner energy sources. What they’re opposed to is the cost and time it takes to make the conversion.  But if they knew that eco-friendly home improvements could save them money in the long term, they might not be so quick to rule out the idea. We all know that it’s up to us to reduce our individual carbon footprint by as much as possible nowadays. The green issue is only going to get more pressing, so why not try out some of our tips below?

Update Your Old Appliances

Living without a washing machine or a fridge-freezer isn’t an attractive prospect for most people. But, luckily for you, there are ways to cut down on your energy usage without living like a luddite. If you’re using an old appliance, it’s likely that it’s not very energy efficient. If it’s time to throw it away and get a new one, make sure it’s replacement is an energy efficient one. If you get one with an A+++ rating, rather than just an A+, you’ll save up to £200 on your energy bills.

Make Your Bathroom Low-Flow

By switching to low-flow showers, taps and toilets, you can save both water and money. The amount of money each of us wastes on water is quite shocking. The money it would cost to replace your current fixtures with low-flow ones would be easily earned back before the year’s over in water bill savings. After a few years, you’ll be saving money like never before.

Embrace Solar Energy

Britain is not the sunniest of countries but don’t let that fool you; solar panels are still a worthwhile investment. Last summer the UK broke a record by having 7.8% of the nation’s energy provided by solar panels. And as the interest in them continues to increase that figure will only go up and up. Some companies will even install them onto your house for free depending on where you live. The energy you don’t use will be taken up by them.

Repurpose and Recycle

There are  hundreds of possibilities for recycling and repurposing products and would-be junk. If your sofa is starting to creak a little and it feels like it may collapse at any minute, why not strip it down and restore its component parts to create something new. You could get hold of an old shopping trolley and upcycle it into a trendy armchair. Or maybe you could use old buckets and baskets as flower boxes. If you make your own furniture, you’ll be saving on the manufacture and transportation costs (and emissions) of buying new items.

Bonus Tips

  • Replace all your old out-dated light fittings with new energy saving light bulbs.
  • Cover your roof with plants and greenery which will soak up moisture.
  • Use low energy radiators and heating systems.
  • If you own a big house with land or a business, consider installing a wind turbine.
  • Double glaze your windows to keep heat in.