Supporting Wildlife and Community (Environmental Protection)

Environmental protection is something that everyone should think of based on current times. Every day, environmental issues slowly degrade the environment and making it worse for future generations. Starting from pollution, artificial global warming to cruelty against wildlife. It is high time that these issues are rightly identified and valued effectively. Giti Tires have always been conscious of their responsibility towards the environment and its protection. Due to this, they have taken some effective measures to protect the wildlife and its communities through some verified programs. This article focuses on these programs and policies undertaken by Giti for a better future!

Giti’s shark tracking project with Conservation International

Giti has been a very long-standing partner of Conservation International (CI) for a very long time. CI’s main initiative is to support environmental protection and support ideally. A part of this partnership between CI and Giti has initiated long-standing support of six years of CI’s preservation efforts and shark tagging. The new and innovative measures taken by Conservation International have expanded their efforts to better technology orientation. They have expanded on the realms of real-time fish tagging online to the world’s largest fish via satellite-tagged initiative in the eastern zone of Indonesia.

Giti has its own shark named after the company itself (4.75 meters). Recently, Giti provided CI with the opportunity to track the shark through CI’s website. The main reason for this purpose is that the officials know the shark’s habitat and whereabouts. It has been recognized that nearly 70 million sharks are killed for shark fin soup each year. To make sure that Giti’s shark is safe from such poaching activities, this initiative was taken.

Giti tires initiative of Supporting locals and wildlife of remote China

Hoh Xil in Qinghai of China succeeded on July 7th, 2017, to apply for world heritage from effective support of Giti tire. This area of China was declared as a World natural heritage. Ever since Giti took the initiative in China, it has taken effective protection and safety purposes to help the area flourish. Tibetan Antelopes migrate in herds normally in may month. Most of the time, these Antelopes are killed during their migration.

To make sure that they don’t face such issues, Giti took the proper initiative to explore the living conditions of Antelope. They ensured 14 volunteers from various walks of life to rightly explore the living conditions of the Antelopes. In addition to this, Giti also made sure to undertake public welfare-based activities to rightly protect the ecological equilibrium to protect the world heritage application by Hoh Xil.

At, Hoh Xil the highest altitude range varies to more than 5,000 meters above the sea-level height. The weather in these altitudes is mostly very cold with only 50% levels of oxygen. Each volunteer of Giti made it a point to survive in these diversified and perilous conditions. The rangers selected for maintaining the antelope’s habitat had a minimal task of patrolling over 1,000 square kilometers. During the public welfare activity event, also Giti ensured to donate its 4X4 series of tires.

Now, it is quite true that the patrolling rangers had to go through rough lands and climatic conditions. Giti made sure to support them by donating these 4X4 tires for safety benefits. The high-quality tires are effectively concentrated with innovative development technology and research to guarantee safety to the rangers on the lands of Hoh Xil.

Green Manufacturing

Giti Tires have been phenomenal in their support activity towards the environment and its protection. They made sure to promote better ethical growth of the environment with a developed contribution to society. Mother nature is being depleted regularly through the dangers associated with its issues. To make changes in environment protection. Giti targeted “Go Green” production to reduce the costs and consumption of fuel effectively.

They developed fuel-efficient truck tires and passengers to reduce the extra consumption. Managing this green manufacturing includes US EPA certification in SmartWay for most of the bus and truck line of products. After this effective involvement of the fuel consumption innovation, the set tractor trailers included a fuel-driven consumption accounting for only 15-20% fuel value on an overall basis.

Innovative production to increase energy conservation.

Energy consumption is necessary to maintain the equilibrium of the environment. Giti also took one initiative to ensure this energy consumption by consistently sticking to only its sustainable developments. The company aims only to use environmentally responsible ways to use the production and value of excellent products of all time. They also make it a point to impact the environment by going green in their manufacturing process.

These initiatives of Giti Tires are truly phenomenal to balance out the negative and positive sides of environment depletion and equilibrium.