How Micro Wind Technology Is Revolutionizing Energy In Residential And Business Applications

The Energy Revolution

The world is becoming increasingly aware of how limited resources are and the damage being done to the planet. It has resulted in a push toward renewable energy. In fact, renewable energy use increased by 3% in 2020 and this trend looks set to continue.

But not everyone can afford to place a solar or wind farm in their backyard! Fortunately, there are other options and vertical micro wind technology is worth considering.

What Is Micro Wind Technology?

Micro wind technology is the use of the wind to create electricity but in a small enough vertical arrangement that you can place it in your front yard or on the roof of your company building, without causing an issue to neighbours.

There are a variety of options on the market, but, some of the best micro wind turbines, such as those offered by, are using the same techniques that you find in nature.

Specifically, wind patterns have been studied and the movement of wind, in a tornado-type effect, has been noted. This has enabled scientists to develop micro wind technology.

How It Works

The micro wind turbine is just 9 metres tall, making it barely taller than your average two-storey house. Its blades are designed to mimic the wind movement in a tornado. This makes the micro wind turbine look unique and, more importantly, ensures it can capture winds from all directions, without the need to move the turbine angle or re-orientate it.

In short, it can collect wind regardless of which direction it is blowing in, allowing the wind turbine to create electricity in almost all weathers.

Thanks to their size you can easily incorporate them into your existing business or home plans and they are surprisingly affordable.

Why You Should Invest In Micro Wind Turbines

As mentioned, most people can’t afford to build their own wind or solar farms to ensure their homes and businesses have the power they need. In most cases covering your roof with solar panels is only an option with government grants.

But, micro wind turbines are comparatively inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, and they are effective. In short, they’ll save you money surprisingly quickly, especially as they are designed to work in all wind levels.

The most obvious reason to invest in micro wind turbines is to save yourself money on your energy bills. However, it is also a good way of showing you care about the environment. Best of all, these micro wind turbines are made with green technology, minimizing any negative impact on the planet.

Of course, these micro wind turbines are revolutionizing energy creation as they are much more effective at picking up the wind and creating electricity. The more effective they are the higher the volume of electricity created, and the happier you will be with your purchase.

You’ll just need to decide whether to connect the wind turbine to the main grid or simply store the electricity generated for use later.