Eco Ways of Getting Around this Summer

With the summer holiday season well and truly underway, you will no doubt, be spending a lot of time thinking about activities that you can do with your children. If you’re fed up of spending hours in the car listening to the repeated phrase “are we nearly there yet” then why not put your eco-friendly hat on and think about alternative ways to get around with the family.


I Want To Ride My Bicycle

The good old bike has been a family favourite for years and it remains so to this day. The great thing about cycling is that it doesn’t limit you to your immediate surroundings, most children aged 3 or more can manage a couple of miles and of course the older they get, the further they can travel. If however you have children who are too young to cycle independently, then there are still plenty of options such as child seats that fit to adult bikes and trailers.

Heelys are a Hoot

If you need to do a bit of shopping or are travelling a short distance to visit friends, then heelys are a great option for the kids. Not only are heelys a fun way for kids to get around, but they mean getting from A to B can be achieved that little bit quicker.

Family Scoot

A visit to the local park is the quintessential summer activity for families and it can be made all the more exciting by heading to it on a scooter. We are talking about the scooters that you push along with one foot here, and not the small motorbike scooters of course. Whilst scooters with an engine are an eco-friendly alternative to cars if you are travelling on your own (as well as being budget-friendly due to the cost to run them and the fact that scooter insurance is very cheap), obviously there is an age limit and so children cannot use them. But the other type of scooters comes in all shapes, colours and sizes and so you may be tempted to invest in a family scooter set or maybe scooters for the kids and an alternative for the adults – skateboard maybe?

Walk and Talk

Sometimes there’s nothing quite so relaxing as a walk. Walking gives you the opportunity to have a chat with the family without getting out of breath and without the distractions of the home, a walk can serve as a great time for kids to learn things about the environment around them. Filling a bag with some sandwiches, something to drink and a blanket means that you can also stop off for a simple picnic, before heading back home.

Choosing a more environmentally friendly way to get around this summer is not only fun but it’s also healthy. There are lots of options and ways of making trips out with the family memorable, plus you get to avoid traffic jams, roadworks and fuel costs. What could be better?