Creative Uses for Dome Shelters and Shipping Containers

When you combine shipping containers and dome shelters together, you come up with an extremely versatile storage and workspace solution, that is also highly mobile. By placing shipping containers parallel to each other, you can add a steel framework between the shipping containers and cover this with Polyethylene. This gives you an area which is protected from both the sun and rain, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

  • Mobile Workshop
  • Hobby Area
  • Outdoor Storage Area
  • Relaxation Area


Dome Shelter Workshops

The great thing about a dome shelter from Port Container Shelters is that they are easily transported anywhere, and they can be set up relatively quickly, depending on the size. The larger dome shelters can handle large vehicles or multiple smaller ones, so make an ideal outside workshop. All of your equipment can be stored securely in the shipping containers at night, and then used as needed during the day. There are many additional features that you can purchase with your dome shelter such as doors, printed logos, top rail systems and also fixed lights. When the job is complete, you can easily pack up your shipping containers and dome shelter, and move on to your next destination.



The Perfect Hobby Area

There are many people whose hobbies seem to take over the life, as well as all of their free space! Utilising a dome shelter with shipping containers gives you the perfect outside area for your hobby, no matter what it is.

  • Gardening
  • Car Restoration and Repair
  • DIY
  • Sculpting
  • Pottery

There are many different hobbies which could use such an area, and compared to a permanent structure they are much more cost effective. As the structure is also classed as temporary, you will not need to gain planning permission before the structure is erected. From a potting shed to a car restoration garage, with all of the secure storage space, as well as protection from the elements, this could be the perfect solution for your hobby!


the wonder of combining shipping containers with dome shelters

Outdoor Storage Area

We all seem to use as much storage area as we have, which means additional space is always a bonus. You can easily use a couple of shipping containers with a dome shelter as an outdoor storage area. Anything of value which needs secure storage can be put into the shipping containers. To build a permanent feature will require a lot more investment, as well as also requiring planning permission. You can even connect two shipping containers to make yourself a temporary parking garage which can be securely locked.

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A Place to Relax

As well as creating a good place for storage, you can also make yourself a pleasant area where you can relax out of the elements. You can have yourself some comfortable seating and tables where you can read a book or entertain friends. You could even have a Jacuzzi installed which you could use even when it is raining. If you have animals that spend most of their time outside, you could use this as a place for them. For the more social of people, you could even set yourself up a bar and get yourself a pool table. The possibilities really are endless, and the only limitation is your own imagination. Just be careful if you have a BBQ as you would not want to melt the Polyethylene Waterproof roof!