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Since we started this blog as a way to reach out and connect with other bloggers/parents/eco-aware people, we’d love to hear from any of our readers.

Comments, questions, feedback, tips, rants, objections, confirmations – ANYTHING is welcome, as we’d love to know your thoughts not only on our blog, but on contemporary environmental and “Go Green” issues as well.

Our email address is because Becky’s the one currently at home on maternity and has the time to check and response (in theory. If Phoebe decides she doesn’t want to nap, eat or maintain her usual sunny disposition on any given day, or if she decides to do a mega-poop, projectile vomit or scream all day just for enjoyment, I may be a little tied up.).

Steve does have access to the Green Duo email account as well, so will reply if you want to contact him directly. Phoebe doesn’t currently have an email address, but we can pass messages on to her if requested – just ask!

Or you could just fill in the easy form below!

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