Cheap Family Days Out That Won’t Break the Bank

National Museums and GalleriesIf money is tight at the moment, you may be concerned that you will not be able to do as many fun things with your family and take them out as often as you would like.  However, while it can be great fun to visit a theme park or one of the expensive Sea Life Centres or zoos, a day out with the people you love the most does not have to feel like a burden.  There are always ways round the little matter of not having enough money, and we are here to help you discover some of these

National Museums and Galleries

All 50+ of the national galleries and museums found up and down the country are completely free to enter.  This means that you can take your children out for an interesting day of learning and exploring while keeping the expenses to a minimum.  Although art galleries can be a bit stuffy at time, museums are great places to get lost in amongst the different exhibits and in modern museums there are often interactive and multimedia exhibits alongside the more traditional ones.

Get On Your Bikes

We all know that the UK is a very scenic and naturally beautiful place to live, but have you ever really taken the time to properly experience the countryside up close?  Regardless of whether you have or haven’t, if all the family can ride and own bikes you should head out into the great unknown and experience the other side of Britain to the busy cities and shopping centres.  If you fancy something more challenging rather than just heading out on a simple bike ride, you could organise a trip to one of the many bike trails that the UK has to offer.  There is likely to be at least one or two local to you and there is often a choice of different routes to suit people who have different levels of ability and experience.

Visit the Local Fire Station

Most children admire firefighters and some would love to be one when they grow up.  Why not feed their interest by organising an educational and exciting trip to the local fire station.  It should be noted that whether your local fire brigade can accommodate visitors or not is usually up to the brigade themselves and the people who run the station, you should also remember the phrase “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.  You will find that as fire brigades and stations have become more involved with their local community nowadays that they are more than happy to welcome kids on to the premises as it helps to educate them about fire safety.

Hopefully you can see from the above suggestions that by thinking outside the box a little, you can still take your children out for the day without emptying your bank account.  If the above suggestions have inspired you, then we are glad, but we would also like to encourage you to take a look at that features some great family-orientated posts and articles and a parental resource that has recently released a great little downloadable and completely free eBook on the subject of free and cheap family days out.