Asbestos Surveying

If you suspect that in your house might be asbestos-containing materials (so-called ACMs) or if a building was erected between the ‘20s and ‘80s, it is strongly advised to call an asbestos removal company which will conduct a thorough asbestos survey to determine whether there is asbestos in your place, and if so, what actions should be undertaken next.

What is asbestos surveying?

In accordance with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide, it is a type of survey that gives you exhaustive data about all the ACMs that are located within a building. An Asbestos survey by bSure Surveying or a similar service is carried out to verify the place and amount of ACMs, their type, and their current state. As a result, one should be able to prepare an asbestos register, risk assessment, and plan of management of asbestos based on a given survey. Bear in mind, that such a survey should be conducted prior to any refurbishment and asbestos removal works.

What are the types of asbestos surveys?

There are two types of them – management survey and refurbishment and demolition. The task of the first one is to locate asbestos and formulate a management plan, as well as to estimate the necessary work. The second one is obligatory in case of planned refurbishing and demolition-related actions – its aim is also to trace asbestos-containing materials within the dwelling and to ensure the safe course of refurbishment or demolition works. Both are conducted in order to diminish the hazard of damaging any ACMs and disturbing asbestos that was used in construction. Mind you, though, a refurbishment and demolition survey is legally required to be conducted before any work starts to eliminate the risk for all the people working on the project (contacting UKAS Accredited ISO 17020 Asbestos Surveyors is recommended).

Asbestos surveying and sampling

Usually, a sampling is done to identify the ACMs and their condition. One final remark, asbestos surveys ought to be conducted regularly, once a year. A sample is cut out from a suspected area and then taken to a laboratory where undergoes meticulous tests.

Why is it necessary to have asbestos surveying carried out on one’s premises?

Because it helps to evaluate the risk and actual state of ACMs. It is important to know where these materials are, what their condition is, and how promptly they have to be disposed of. It is especially crucial prior to any refurbishment or demolition projects since thanks to the asbestos survey it is possible to estimate the jeopardy for people working on it, as well as to eliminate the risks, plan the necessary safety measurements and to establish the cost of all the compulsory works.

Note that it is also a legal obligation for all the people in charge of non-domestic premises to have their place scrupulously inspected.

It is, thus, strongly advised to contact specialized asbestos removal and surveying company that acts accordingly to HSE guidance and Control of Asbestos Regulations from 2012, such as, for instance, Blue A Ltd, since it is one of the leading certified and approved contractors in UK which also offers asbestos testing and disposal.

Risks connected with asbestos exposure

Most kinds of asbestos are friable, hence, when disturbed, they may effortlessly become airborne, enter one’s lungs, and embed in there, causing often asthma, lung cancer, or mesothelioma. Even slight exposure to asbestos may pose a threat to one’s health, yet the symptoms may be visible years after being close to or in contact with this noxious material. Moreover, as years go by, and the condition of construction and materials that are made of or consist of asbestos worsen, materials disintegrate and thus asbestos may be disturbed more easily than before. Thus, if you believe that there might be any materials made of asbestos in your dwelling, you better have it tested to prevent any health issues in the future.