8 UK Attractions for Kids Before they Grow Up

A family outing is important because it helps you become one happy cohesive unit. One of the finest places for families with little ones to visit is the ever-popular United Kingdom (UK). So, if you are traveling to the UK with your kids, you should plan some activities or places to visit for them as well. From thrill rides that make you scream to cultural attractions full of learning, the UK has many child-friendly attractions. It is perfect for families of all sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Get your bags packed, process your UK visa as soon as possible, and have the best time with your kids while visiting these 8 attractions. 

  1. Bewilderwood – If outdoor adventure is what you wish to experience for your kids, then head over to Bewilderwood. Located in 2 places namely; the original park in Norfolk and the recently opened one in Cheshire, Bewilderwood is an award-winning forest place. Your kids get to experience boat trips, jungle bridges, marsh walks, zip wires, and a bunch of outdoor fun activities that can’t be experienced anywhere else. 
  1. Science Museum – Located in London’s South Kensington region, the Science Museum is the venue that enlightens young minds. The Science Museum has a collection of galleries related to vacuum, robotics technology, and civil engineering, helping kids to learn and be intrigued by these things. Moreover, there’s also an IMAX theatre which makes the experience worthwhile for the entire family. 
  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is an attraction located in London that is perfect for Harry Potter fans. There are activities like the ‘Cupboard Under The Stairs’ which is a room that showcases Harry staying with the Dursleys filled with treasures. Harry’s spectacles are also on display in this room. You can also head over to explore Dumbledor’s office, see each Carriage of the Hogwarts Express, learn wand moves, and more. This place is magical. 
  1. Llandudno – Llandudno is a small town located in North Wales. Here, you can take your kids for a traditional day tour at the seaside, or head over to the area’s only pebble beach. Llandudno also invites you to visit the Great Orme. You go up via a cable car and come down via a train ride. Both ways, you experience fantastic views. After spending the day here, you can treat your kids to fish and chips and yummy ice creams from traditional shops. 
  1. Chester Zoo – The Chester Zoo isn’t your ordinary zoo. This zoo is home to varieties of endangered animals from various parts of the world. You get to see the African painted dogs, Asian elephants, Asian short-clawed otters, black lemur, black rhinos, and more. Moreover, the zoo also offers tickets for school children teaching them about the importance of saving animal species and inspiring them to become conservationists.
  1. Clip ‘n’ Climb – Tire your kids out with some exhilarating fun at Clip ‘n’ Climb. Located in Chester, Clip ‘n’ Climb comprises multiple, unique climbing activities for kids above the age of 4. The climbing activities offer different types of walls and challenges bathed in stunning lighting that make the activity even more fun for the kids. For worried parents, there are safety harnesses available for every child. So, you can let them be and not worry about them getting hurt. This is a place for unlimited fun. Make sure this is on your UK itinerary. 
  1. Roar Dinosaur Adventure – Located in Lenwade, Norwich, Roar Dinosaur Adventure is a dinosaur-based theme park. This theme park is home to over 100 static dinosaurs, animatronic dinosaurs, and 2 puppet dinosaurs. With over 85 acres of space, this theme park is a magical place for young kids. You also have access to 3 levels of adventure play areas for kids under the age of 5. Plus, there are activities for adults as well like climbing bridges, nets, and slides. It’s a place for all! 
  1. Camera Obscura – Camera Obscura is one of the oldest attractions in the UK. Started in 1835, Camera Obscura is a place of technological and visual trickery where you enter a world of mind-bending illusions while exploring a virtual Edinburgh. There are 6 floors of puzzles consisting of games and special effects which makes the experience just crazy. You and your kids are bound to have an amazing time here. 

These are the top 8 UK attractions for kids to visit before they grow up. So, when you apply for your UK tourist visa, also plan an itinerary comprising the above-given places so your kids too will have fun on this trip.