4 Awesome, Everyday Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint



When you look at the task ahead to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, it’s a daunting sight. There are whole countries, and even entire continents, whose energy use is off the scale. But, as with any big problem, it is best to break it up into smaller chunks. And one of those tiny chunks can be yours to own.

Doing your bit for the environment and embracing a more eco-friendly attitude in your home may not seem like a lot. But the truth is, if you do it, you can guarantee that thousands of others are doing it too. With this in mind, here are five things you can do every day that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Turn Things Off

It goes without saying that you should turn everything that uses energy in your home off when you aren’t using them. But does everybody do it? By leaving TVs on standby or having the water on all day long, you are not just using up valuable resources, but also spending money. Don’t forget about your computers, either. While it might save you a few minutes of boot-up time in the morning, is it worth it?


Waste is a huge and growing problem, wherever you live. The growing landfill sites are causing huge issues, and the seas are filling with all kinds of rubbish that is affecting water quality and endangering many species. It has to stop, and the onus is on people like you to make it happen. The best thing to do is recycle everything you can and stop contributing to waste problems. Use your local recycling services, use food scraps to turn into compost, and donate old clothes and fabrics to charities. You can recycle almost anything, so make sure you are doing your bit.

Eat Seasonally

A good way of reducing your carbon footprint in an instant is to eat seasonally. Most fruit and vegetables only grow once or twice a year, and the greenest way to consume them is to eat them when they are in season. There are two ways to do this. The first is to buy your groceries from local businesses, and the second is to grow your own. You will need to research the best seasons for each foodstuff. Apples and pears are best taken from their trees at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, for example. Alternatively, you could plant some asparagus crowns in March, and, hopefully, they will be ready by the height of summer.

Walk Everywhere

It’s all too easy to jump in a car these days. But it causes a great strain on the environment. Not only will walking instead reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also keep you fitter and more active. If you have to go a long distance, think about using public transport. If both of these options are impossible for you, then a car share could be a great idea. While you will still be driving, your carbon footprint will be shared.

We hope these tips can act as an inspiration for you to be a greener household. The smaller your carbon footprint, the less impact you will have on the world. Check out some more tips for a greener household here, and elsewhere on our blog.