4 Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance, High Endurance Garden

Although we are living in the digital age, it seems like homeowners have gotten busier rather than having that long-hoped-for extra time on their hands. This may be one of the reasons why more homes around the country don’t have the beautiful gardens they once had, but there is a solution, even for those who have little to no time for gardening. Here are four tips for creating a low-maintenance, high endurance garden that requires little upkeep but offers plenty of enjoyment. Continue reading “4 Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance, High Endurance Garden”

Maine Event: Take a Break and Relax with an Amazing Winter Vacation

Maine winters tend to be long, making it essential for visitors to the state to find things to do to try and avoid getting cabin fever. Luckily due to the ample amounts of snow that fall, there is an abundant amount of outdoor activities to enjoy while on vacation. One of the biggest attractions in the region is downhill skiing, but there is plenty of other fun activities to enjoy during your chilly winter vacation. Continue reading “Maine Event: Take a Break and Relax with an Amazing Winter Vacation”

How Community Gardens Reduce Rubbish Removal

Recently, there has been highly enthusiastic renewed interest in community gardens and city farms, also called allotment gardens, across the UK. The location of these community growing groups range from highly urbanized London to the Wales countryside. Much of this renewed interest is spurred on by the educational work of charity groups like The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG), the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), and the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS). Of the many benefits community gardens bring to communities, reducing rubbish removal is one in which many participants are most proud. Continue reading “How Community Gardens Reduce Rubbish Removal”

Preparing for a Great Road Trip

If an epic road trip is in your future, and you’re looking forward to hitting the open road for adventures, a little planning ahead can make all the difference between great memories and catastrophe. Way before you start packing, start preparing with the first item on your to do list being your car’s health. Continue reading “Preparing for a Great Road Trip”

holiday cottages in wales

Exploring the Beautiful Gardens of North Wales

Any visit to North Wales is perhaps guided by some plans to explore many of the region’s activities on offer, which can include some serious fun for the whole family as well as some cultural experiences and even extreme sports, but one element which is inherent in any visit to this majestically beautiful part of the world is indeed the natural beauty of the surroundings. However, while Mother Nature has put on a bit of show in terms of the natural beauty contained in this little corner of the world, she isn’t the only beauty-slinger in town.

Man holds his own with regards to accentuating and frankly showing off the beauty of this region with some of the most beautifully breath-taking gardens you’ll find anywhere awaiting the eager traveller who takes the time to visit some of these plantations in the region.

Part of any vacation should indeed entail a bit of relaxation, or a whole lot of relaxation for that matter, and what better way to centre yourself and get as close to the beauty of nature as one possibly can than to explore North Wales’ botanic artistry?

You can almost tell that the trees, in particular, were planted on the back some or other special reason, with many of these trees in actual fact planted as a mark of some romances of the misty days of yore. North Wales is famous for a lot of things, not least of which are its gardens, from some of those which can be found on listed estates to those which feature in the National Ivy Collection.

Plas Newydd, Isle of Anglesey

This 18th-century house already boasts some of the best views of Snowdonia, but the sheer beauty of the Menai Strait’s luscious gardens will most definitely be competing hard for your attention. Massed hydrangeas perhaps make for the most prominent feature, but there is plenty more beauty to enjoy in the form of the summer terrace, the catkin garden (another highlight) and the spring garden section.

Bodnant Garden

You might have to wander a bit from your holiday cottage to uncover the magic that awaits the inquisitive mind making somewhat of a pilgrimage to Bodnant, with something not unlike what Alice experienced in the mythical kids’ favourite, Alice in Wonderland. Five beautiful terraces form part of the path leading up to the Hall, with the brick-paths adding to the charm, while the herbaceous plants and formal lawns may have you convinced you’ve discovered what is the deepest shade of each colour you identify.

Ivy Collection (Grade I Listed)

What would a botanic-inspired visit to North Wales be without a stopover at one of Britain’s most important gardens, in the form of Erddig, where you’ll find the National Ivy Collection? Additionally, some super rare fruit trees can be found within the grounds and if you’re searching for a good story to come away with, discover why the late 18th-century design by William Earnes earned a place among the Grade I listed gardens.

If you’re exploring any of these fantastic North Wales gardens, it’s worthwhile exploring the rest of Wales has to offer. Here’s a great guide to all to see and do while you’re in the country:


Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

The concept of green homes has been widely embraced as a way to reduce detrimental effects on the environment and decrease a household’s utility bills. With just a few simple steps and little investment, you can make your home more energy efficient and build up a nest egg from energy savings. What’s even better is the fact that embracing some of the eco-friendly activities won’t cost you at all, yet they will contribute to the environment preservation. Continue reading “Making Your Home More Energy Efficient”

Esholt Trivia

Visiting the fіlmіng lосаtіоnѕ оf the рорulаr ITV night tіmе ѕоар opera Emmеrdаlе іѕ ѕtіll quite аn еаѕу tаѕk. Emmerdale? What’s that you ask? Well, unless you have been a Luddite and scorned the use of a TV, or live in a cave, you would know that Emmerdale is a British icon in the entertainment industry and its 45th year of production! Yes, it is a soap opera that the Brits do best. It’s all about life on a farm. Continue reading “Esholt Trivia”

4 Amazingly Fun Camping Trips in the North West

To really build on your Green credentials, camping is the holiday of choice for many people. Not only does it get you out in the open air, you can take in some beautiful scenery, get some exercise, visit some attractions, and promote an environmentally friendly activity. There are no long haul flights involved here, simply trips to some of the most entertaining locations in the UK. Continue reading “4 Amazingly Fun Camping Trips in the North West”

Daily Dose of Resveratrol Can Bring Quality Living In Your Life

There are people who keep themselves informed regarding all the new medications in the market. The compound named Resveratrol is one such medication that has got a lot of benefits on human body. This new potion is actually a polyphenol that is mostly found in red wine that is created from red grapes. This potion is used for supplementing various nutrition of your body for different reasons. The potion is rich in antioxidants and these help in promoting a longer life. The grapes have got their own share of antioxidants and the wine prepared from these fruits get their share of antioxidant. This compound that is prepared from the wines help one who consumes it regularly. Continue reading “Daily Dose of Resveratrol Can Bring Quality Living In Your Life”

A Guide to Sorting your Rubbish before going to a UK Waste Disposal Site

The UK has recycling and rubbish disposal regulations to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the environment. The UK produces 400 million tons of rubbish in a year. 30 million of that is from household waste. Mining, construction, quarrying, and demolition also contribute to waste. Homeowners, business, and other rubbish-generating operations have to meet waste removal standards when going to waste dispoal sites. County and private agencies conduct rubbish collection for homeowners and businesses. Continue reading “A Guide to Sorting your Rubbish before going to a UK Waste Disposal Site”

Small Actions for BIG, Positive Environmental Effects

We sometimes love to do a little “people-watching” and not in a creepy way — it’s just sometimes really nice to sit atop a hill, overlooking one of the biggest and busiest roadways in the country and sort of try to guess where everybody is going, why they’re in such a rush and whether or not they’re happy. Some crazy thoughts naturally tend to creep-in at times, like perhaps whether or not one of the drivers has not maybe won the lottery and they’re driving to work one last time just to stick it to their boss… Continue reading “Small Actions for BIG, Positive Environmental Effects”

Eco Ways of Getting Around this Summer

With the summer holiday season well and truly underway, you will no doubt, be spending a lot of time thinking about activities that you can do with your children. If you’re fed up of spending hours in the car listening to the repeated phrase “are we nearly there yet” then why not put your eco-friendly hat on and think about alternative ways to get around with the family.

Continue reading “Eco Ways of Getting Around this Summer”

More Consumers Satisfied with Their Water Service

Value for money has been cited as the main reason behind an increased number of customers declaring their satisfaction with the service delivered by their water company, with these satisfaction levels currently at a five-year high. This is according to an annual survey completed by the Council for Water (CCWater), which they published on June 28th, 2016. Continue reading “More Consumers Satisfied with Their Water Service”

Clean and Green – 6 Ways to Get the Kids Thinking About the Environment

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, or for something as simple as wanting to cut down the cost of your bills, getting your children to think more about the environment can have a number of positive effects, including helping your children value that which they have. However, some people can take it too far and try to be environmentally friendly in every single aspect of their lives. Simply put, you don’t need to live in a mud hut to be environmentally friendly. We’ve listed 6 ways in which you can help to get the kids thinking more about the importance of the environment, and what they can do to help. Continue reading “Clean and Green – 6 Ways to Get the Kids Thinking About the Environment”

5 tips to make your next business event more environmentally friendly

How green are your business exhibitions, corporate events and conferences? While the benefits of greater environmental responsibility for us all are well known and beyond doubt, what can an individual business do to make it more sustainable? What actual steps can you realistically take today that will make a difference? Continue reading “5 tips to make your next business event more environmentally friendly”

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Does it seem like your kids are perpetually glued to a screen?  Between TVs, mobile phones, video games and laptops, it’s getting increasingly more difficult for kids to be kids.  When kids spend endless hours passively watching a screen, the transition to active and engaging pursuits becomes increasingly difficult.  The experts have shown repeatedly that one of the best ways to develop and stimulate young minds is through imagination and exploration. While so many video games and website tout an educational bent or component, nothing is more educational that old fashioned outdoor play.  Follow these tips to get your kids outside.  At first they might well complain quite violently, but soon enough, they’ll head outside on their own.  We all know this is the healthiest choice for mind and body. Chances are they secretly know it too!  As parent, we just have to steer them in the right direction and they can take it from there. Continue reading “The Benefits of Outdoor Play”

Keeping up with…Your New Year’s Resolutions

What did you set for your New Year’s Resolutions? Ours are always to be kinder to the environment, use and waste less and always try and be conscious of our environmental impact. How many of you kept to your resolutions? New research suggest that 38% of Brits have already abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions. Luckily for us it’s easy to keep up with our resolutions, they are ingrained in or way of life. Continue reading “Keeping up with…Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Seven Safety Precautions to Prepare Your Home for a London Winter

Living in London is exciting and special. It is an amazing city that offers something for everyone, and attracts millions of tourists every year. If you’re a proud resident of London, you also know that living here presents a few challenges – namely, being able to handle the London winters. Winters here can get bitter cold, and one of the main areas that need attention are your plumbing pipes. Having them burst in the middle of winter is no fun, but there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that this will not happen. Continue reading “Seven Safety Precautions to Prepare Your Home for a London Winter”

LEED Certification & Standards: Making Our World Greener One Building at a Time

LEED certification, which stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, began as an outgrowth of conversations held in 1993 that led to the establishment of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) [http://www.usgbc.org/about/history]. Continue reading “LEED Certification & Standards: Making Our World Greener One Building at a Time”